5 Reasons why you should have Maternity Photography?

I decided to write a post about this topic because Mother’s Day is coming soon and what better way to celebrate Motherhood since the very beginning when a woman is about to become a mother!

Maternity photography is getting more popular.

When Demi Moore showed off her nude belly in 1991 in the Vanity Fair cover there was some rumour about it, but after that always more celebrities and women wanted to be portrait during this special time. If you are reading this you are probably pregnant and interested (or at least intrigued) in having a nice maternity portrait session. However, I know a lot of you are still a bit reluctant and unsure about this type of photography. I have been there too so I know how you feel, I know your body is going through a lot of changes and you might not feel great but I want you to consider a few things that can help you to make up your mind 🙂 At least I hope so!

So why maternity photography?


Create a special and unforgettable memory. You are living a unique experience: you are growing inside yourself a little baby and carrying it for 9 months. It’s all about the mum-to-be and her big belly, having some nice images of this moment and having a story to tell to your children when they are older. My daughter is only 3 years old but she often looks at my belly photos in the album and says “there is Amy in here”, or “mum and Amy here”.  And it truly melts my heart when I hear that! Daddy, of course, is always welcome to join.




You don’t need to take off your clothes if you don’t feel like it.  That very first image I mentioned at the beginning, portraits a completely nude woman, other celebrities posed naked in front of the camera, a lot of women like to show off their belly and cover the rest of their body with fabrics or gowns. Others feel more comfortable with their clothing on and there is absolutely no right or wrong way to be photographed. It’s all about you and you decide how you feel best. You can have beautiful portraits either way. This particular image won a gold award from the SWPP association.




It’s a unique opportunity, nearly once in a lifetime. I know you can a few children and be pregnant again and again, but your maternity portrait session is really a once in a lifetime opportunity. Every pregnancy is different and special. You will look different every time. Your belly could have a  different shape or different size, you could have another age. With your first baby, you can have an intimate session with your husband. With second or third you can have the other children involved in the session too.




Pregnant women are all beautiful. I remember someone once saying “I can tell if a woman is pregnant just looking at her eyes because they have a special sparkle”. I laughed at first, replying “What? Are you a kind of magician?” But you know what? It’s true. Pregnant women have a particular glow and even if they don’t feel as such they are radiant! Let me show your beauty.



 Just have fun.  Belly or not, it’s all about being themselves, having fun and celebrate this time with your loved ones 🙂


maternity-photography-london-cityexpecting couple in Battersea Park, Londonmaternity photography is a beautiful experiencefun mother-daughter photography


I hope I gave you some good reasons to consider why maternity photography.

Don’t be shy to get in touch and discuss how you would like to be photographed! For more information and inspiration have a look at the maternity page on the website.

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