Double trouble? I would say double love! – Twins photography Clapham, London

I have always loved seen twins of different ages but especially the little ones that are dressed the same or the ones that look like each other even if there brother and sister. I think they are adorable and most of all they will have a real friend for life. If you have a brother or a sister you will have a good friend already, but I think twins can really bond and understand each other much better.

A few months ago I had these lovely twin girls in the studio, at the time they were 4 weeks old non identical twins.

The parents were trying to have children for a while and eventually these beautiful two girls made their life bright and joyful! It was such a pleasure to photograph them all. The funny part of the session was having the two babies ready at the same time. Sometimes it can be tricky to get a newborn staying asleep for the whole session. Imagine with two newborn babies! A bit of double trouble! 🙂

I loved the challenge and I think we got some nice photos of them.

Double love for mum and dad!

Here below a few images from the session.



Photograface by Valentina | Newborn Twin Photographer Battersea




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