The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Friday Review

This week it’s time for another book review.

My daughter loves books very much. We visit the library quite often, spend some time there and always borrow new books. We buy new ones every month. She does not sleep without a few stories at night but it’s also a nice time together.

One of her favourite is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.












The book is really nice illustrated. The images are full of bright colours and the design of the pages is carefully thought. There are flapping pages with holes that the caterpillar made eating his food and I’m sure all the children poke their fingers in there.


Basically it’s a very appealing book that you want to pick up and look at it.

The story is very simple: the metamorphosis of a caterpillar. After popping out of an egg on Sunday the little hungry caterpillar eats through a lot of different food until he’s not little and hungry anymore. He is a big and fat caterpillar that after a few weeks becomes a beautiful butterfly.

The author makes this story very interesting and easy to understand and includes numbers and the days of the week. He also makes it funny adding food that normally caterpillar don’t eat but children love: lollypop, cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate cake . . .  🙂


The book, firstly published in 1969, it’s very popular and modern and has become a classic story. I really recommend it for all the children from 2 years up but hard book versions are available for the youngest too.  My daughter loves hearing the story over and over again. She knows all the words and she likes pointing at the food while reading.

I doubt you never head about it but if not watch this video where Eric Carle himself reads the book.

Enjoy it and have a nice weekend!





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