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5 minutes with Valentina – Interview of a while ago

Back in February I was featured in Kensigotn mums with an interview that I recently found and I want to share with you. 5 Minutes with Valentina Rebeschini, the mum behind Photograface. KM. Owning a camera is not enough until you have explored all the features of your equipment. What top tips can you share...

Autumn is officially here!

Who doesn’t like Autumn? Okay, I know what you are thinking it’s getting colder, you always need a jacket, in the morning is always foggy, the day are shorter and it will be wet and humid. But you have to admit that it’s one of the magical moment of the year . . . The...

Newborn Photography Clapham London – Baby Edward

Newborn photography is getting always more popular. All the parents seem to love the little cute poses of sleepy naked babies cover by little piece of fabric, sleeping inside baskets or boxes or suitcases . . . But babies are just adorable regardless where they are “propped” and sometimes a lifestyle session is just as...

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