St. John’s Hill Festival 2015

On Sunday 13th September took place the ninth annual St John’s Hill Festival. I have been living in the area for the past 4 years and attending the event with a little stall displaying my photography products and service since then.















I like to see my “neighbours” enjoying the day, walking up and down the street, joining some activities, talking to people and to each other. Despite the forecasts the weather was actually nice and we had a bit of sunshine too. I think it would be great to have the road closed down and maybe have a big long table in the middle so people could really bond 🙂

As always people were spoiled with delicious food so at lunch time you just had to decide. The Hog Roast from Urban Gourmet is always very popular, Ben’s Canteen had a queue outside the door since the morning, the hot dog from Sausalicious looked really tasty. Lots of sweet treats as well with the crepes  from Deli Boutique, beautiful handmade chocolates great for gift from Troffle and again cupcakes and waffles.

For the little ones there was a bouncy castle, face painting, Tutto Tucci had some pizza making sessions for kids, the Fish Club was having goldfish races all day long and since my stall was next to them I can say it was always very busy and adults enjoyed it as much as children 🙂

Great cocktails and drinks from the busy Three Six Six and The Powder Keg that also had live music.

I thought it was a lovely day and if you bought tickets from the raffle check if you are one of the lucky one here.

I would like to thank all the people and the past clients that stopped to have a chat with me and I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Here below is a little video I put together to record the day. I’m not a videographer and it was done with my iPhone so the quality is no the best, but I hope you enjoy it 🙂





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