Press Here by Herve Tullet – Friday Review

This week I want to talk about this amazing book we received as a birthday present.

Press Here by Herve Tullet.


He is a French artist and illustrator and you can more work on his website

I think this book is genius and my daughter loves it!

“Ready? Press the yellow dot and turn the page.”

That’s how the book starts. Every page has a simple instruction to follow and it makes the children really interact with it. Every page is a surprise and the whole book is like a magical journey.

When I think about interactive books I think about the touch and feel kind of book where you can touch an animal and feel its fur, or touch an object and feel its textures. These are great books for babies and toddlers, they can really understand what material is like and touch things for the first time. We had a few of them as well and they are worn out.

Then there are the pop-up books, so you open a page and the whole scene come right up your face, it’s quite an experience actually! But they are not the best for the younger audience who is very excited and end up grabbing and ruining the book.

There’re also book where the pages are cut in half and you can create different characters or unreal animals and they are pretty funny!

This one is none of the above but is the most interactive of all. It’s like having a tablet in your hand 🙂

We live such in a technological era and even children are used to play with their fingers on a flat-screen. This book is exactly like that. You have to touch, rub, shake, turn… and when you are on the next page all come alive!

Press Here by Herve Tullet - book page

It starts with a simple dot and it takes you to an enchanting voyage where children learn how to follow instructions, learn about colours, about sizes, left and right direction, light and dark and opens up their mind to a fantastic world.

And the end? Well . . .  there is never end to the power of imagination.

“Want to do it all over again?” Fabulous!

I really thank my dear friend for this beautiful gift and I highly recommend it for your children too.

I found this video on YouTube you can see how children have fun 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it!

And if you are curious to try Amazon always helps you!


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