Photo Album – A long last memory

We live in such a digital world! We all have a computer, a smart phone, a tablet and lots of people have fancy cameras as well. We are used to snap lots of pictures everyday about our children, our dog, where we are, what we eat . . .  there are 40 million of photos posted daily just on Instragram! Plus we have all other social networks. Wow that is incredible right?

But what do we do with all this photos? We share them on FB, we store them in our computer and if we don’t make a backup copy, they could be lost forever in a blink of an eye. That would be such a pity! Imagine the first time you saw your baby at birth, the first smile, the first moments together as a family  . . . all those great emotions and memories gone for good.

Since we have all these digital devices we tend to print less and we miss so much!

So why don’t create a beautiful album to keep in your living room, on a coffee table, on a shelf and flick through it every time you have a chance.


Albums TELL A STORY. You can have a stunning canvas on your wall but in an album you can really show what your family is truly about. The story is in the little details, in the emotional moments and candid images that you wouldn’t print big. All those images are so valuable and will evoke emotions every time you’ll see them.

They LAST years and years. If you have a newborn photo on your baby’s room you will sooner or later replace it with a more recent one. Albums however stays forever, they can move from the coffee table to a shelf but they will remain around. If you have friends or family coming over for a visit very likely you’ll show those images to them. They easily can be revisited frequently and last for generations.

When I go to my mum’s house I still go through the family albums, the traditional albums that were used 30 years ago.  Every time is a pleasure and some more stories come back to life. With albums there will always be family time.

This is an album I designed for a client. They are all different and customized to your taste. I’ll look forward to design yours as well 🙂




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