Newborn Photography London – fun facts to know

I realised that a lot of parents do not know much about newborn photography.

And that is absolutely understandable! Is not every day that they go to photograph their little one, isn’t it? 🙂

Last year I wrote an article about some questions I’ve been asked, normally about when it the right time, when it’s too late if siblings can join in the photos. Then I have quite a lot of information on my website for the parents to read.

What I’m thinking is to break down all the information in small posts, so it’s easier to learn the different aspects involved in a newborn photography session.

So today I would like to start from an apparently silly thing, but worth a consideration.

The type of clothing I wear during a newborn or baby session.

You might have seen a few photos of me on social media. If you have done a session with me, you saw me. What do I wear?

So what do I wear?  Boring, non-fancy stuff. Ha ha ha ha

Come on, look at me: leggings, bare feet, t-shirt or sleeveless top. Sometimes it looks like I’m going for jogging.

newborn photography London

newborn photography London - behind the scene

newborn photography London - behind the scene

Why do I tell you this? And most importantly why should you know it?

Well, I work with clothes with no buttons or zip or anything like that because I don’t want to catch your baby and scratch him accidentally. They are comfortable to me so I can move with no trouble and usually, they are neutral colours not to throw a colour cast to babies that will then show in the photos.

To work with naked babies the room is pretty warm and that’s why I wear tops or light clothes. I also advise parents to wear comfortable and light clothing.  The room is about 26-28 degrees so no need to come with jumpers 😉

I keep my nails short and bare, no polish, no long acrylic pointy ones! I’m aware of the delicate baby’s skin and don’t want to cause any harm.

Also, I don’t wear any jewellery during a session, not even my wedding ring just because I don’t want an accident to happen. Probably a bracelet or a necklace won’t do much harm but when I’m working I just want to concentrate and focus on the baby and I prefer being on the safe side. I ask parents as well to remove watches or bracelets when they hold the baby. Watches, especially if big,  can be a distraction in the photos but they can also represent a potential risk.

I hope you enjoy my “silly” post.  Stay tuned for more insight next week.

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