Story Time – Friday Review

This week I want to talk about story time!

Every child loves stories and picture books. I think the love for reading and for books is one of the most valuable gifts parents can give to their children. I believe I got a book for my daughter when I was still pregnant and then more of course when she was born; she really found them a nice “toy” to play with. You know the kind of board books that babies can manipulate, sometimes they have the touch and feel pattern, they can chew them . . .  they can do what they want and it’s a good start to approach reading. In previous reviews I talked about a couple of books that my daughter loves, books that she never gets tired of listening to. It’s a routine and she expect some story time every day.

And could never being happier because it stimulates her imagination, her knowledge and the perception of value reading. I try to do different voices myself and play a little bit with characters but I’m not an actress, I’m just a mum . . .  so when we have the chance I try to take her to story time “event”.

Where I live the local library offers this service and probably most libraries in London do that too. I brought my daughter as many times as I could even from the early age and she always enjoyed it.

A few weeks ago I went to a local clothing shop for babies Piccoli & Co, a very nice shop I would highly recommend to check out, and I’ve been told about a coming up story time.

So last Saturday morning we brought Amy there with another friend to listen to the Classic Tales of Rupert by Alfred Bestall. The shop tries to do similar events often so keep an eye on it or even better subscribe to their newsletter so you don’t miss anything. They usually have actors coming to read the story using puppets, so they can really interact and get children’s attention. Unfortunately this time there was a last minute inconvenience and puppets were not available, but the story telling was certainly good. I will looking forward myself to the next time!

And if you don’t have time to take your children and babies around, please take the time to read them a story every night. For them it means the world! Not someone on TV or an audio book . . . but mum or dad (sometimes both, I know!) reading their favourite story.

Have a great weekend!




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