National Siblings Day – family Love

We all know about Mother’s day and Father’s day, well of course we do 🙂

We have other celebrations like women’s day, international worker’s day, grandparents day . . . Then there some “funny” days here and there during the year like Pancake day, Red Nose day, the cupcake week some of them charity related.

But did you know about the National Siblings Day?!?

Honestly I didn’t until I started seeing posts around Facebook and Twitter early today and I got curious about it. The date is actually 10th of April and it’s an American celebration and that’s why I read about it this morning! It’s an occasion for siblings to recognise and celebrate each other, like mother’s or father’s day, celebrate the value and the love of the family.

So even if it’s an American celebration I decide to “join it” because it’s a good thing. I have two brothers and I’m the middle one. We have different ages, we live in different places but luckily we are still pretty close and support each other 🙂

This morning I looked for a photo of us three but sadly I have to say I didn’t have any recent one. I have photos when we were younger or photos of just the two of us but not all together. We definitely have to provide for that!!

So I will share a photo of my niece and nephew to celebrate the sibling love. I always try to take some photographs of them when I have the chance to see them a few times a year, but that actually reminds me that my brothers are as important too! And we should get a photo together too, even if we are not as young, beautiful and fun as those monkey below 😉

So a little message for you all: “Be in photography with your loved ones, always!” #existinphotos


Vale x

National Siblings Day - brother and sister hug. black and white photo



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