25+ Food to Avoid when Breastfeeding – Nursing Food Guide

Congratulations Mum!!

You went through the most amazing journey of your life and you are now holding your precious baby in your arms. But after hours of labor, birth and hospital time you need some good food! It has probably been ages you haven’t had some sushi, a nice juicy steak, some chili or an egg royal with a running egg. You might be dying for greasy food and fries but you have to be careful because if you are breastfeeding, your baby could not be much happy!

Is your baby too gassy, fussy and not much sleepy? Maybe you should pay more attention at your diet.

Tomatoes? Forget it! It just isn’t worth staying up all night. Pizza is quick to eat, but then when your baby is gassy all night long, somehow that pizza didn’t look too good. Soda – forget it! Dairy – no way!

What does it work? Yummy pasta with oil, wheat bread and light butter, mashed potatoes and amazing steak! All of these things keep you healthy, fed and the baby not only nursing but sleeping better than any baby ever met.

I will share the nursing list of food to avoid created by an American newborn photographer together with her pediatrician. This photographer tested the list herself with her 3 children. She had to know if it was the food or luck of the day and it seems to work well.

This list has made it around the world and goes to every newborn client going to her studio because a wrong food could affect the success of the session. So skip the berries, hold the tomatoes and please pass on the Mexican 48 hours before your session! Does it work? 99% of the time and  her clients can prove it!

Now, every baby is different of course and when all else failed we loved Gripe Water. My clients tell me over and over it saved them too and they slept much better. Are babies fussy? Of course. Gassy, sure? Will this list work for every baby – no. But it works for many and that’s worth passing it on.

Some people will say they ate anything and everything and it didn’t affect their babies. That’s super awesome. But it’s not the case for many other Mamas. Food has changed over the years and much of it affects us as grownups – now imagine a teeny tiny new digestive system. So try to eat healthy and take care of your body.

So…if you are planning to have a newborn session keep it in mind for a smoother session.

If not Mom give it a try,  you just might get a good nights sleep!

Oh and the list!…..here it is. Psst, pass it on.

breastfeeding food guide


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