Newborn Photography props: what I like to choose

I love newborn photography props!

For lots of newborn photographers, props are a real addiction, not joking. There are so many vendors on the market and so many products you can buy for newborn that you can’t even imagine. Photographers can really go crazy: wooden beds, crates, baskets, nests, drawers, boats, moon, cars, carts, hats, rompers, headbands, backdrops, wraps . . . the list is really endless.

When I started I was drawn into this world as well. I used to see something new and think “I want that”. Then a few days later see something else and have the same thought!

Luckily I’m not an impulse buyer.  I need to take my time to double-think so I never buy things that I then regret. And believe me, I would have regretted so many purchases.

Now I know what I like to buy for my business. Or not to buy.

My style is quite simple and natural. I like having the focus on the baby and not on the photography props. That’s why I keep them minimal.

You can see it from my newborn portfolio.

I like neutral colours: brown, grey, beige, taupe, dusky pale pink.  And I like texture. For newborn backdrop, I like smooth stretchy blankets, or with some simple texture like wool or knitted  material. I also like furs and flokati that can create some  nice depth to the image. There is a little downside with this material. They can shed, and sometimes you can get some fibers caught in baby’s fingers or toes. Some fluff is fine and I wipe baby’s feet or hand when I change background. But I watch especially that the long fibers, it’s important that they are not caught around fingers and toes because they could stop circulation. I always take safety seriously and this is something I check. Hair tourniquet is a rear condition but it could happen, so please check your baby even at home. It could happen with mum’s hair or with some fibers from socks, blankets . . . so keep an eye!

London newborn photography London newborn photography


I like using mohair and soft materials that go in contact with baby’s skin. Soft wraps and hats, gentle rompers and lace or wool trousers. I love simple black and white images and I do them in every newborn session.

As for props I only have wooden objects that reflect my organic style.

London newborn photography London newborn photography

I hope you enjoyed this post and you learn a little bit more about me and my work. You can also read my previous posts about newborn photography “What to expect when I’m expecting you” and “Newborn Photography- fun facts to know“.






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