This is where your most incredible journey will start! This is your own miracle.


You are creating a new life and either starting a new family or adding to it.


The bond between you and the baby inside you is something that cannot be expressed in words until you actually experience it.



This time is not only about your growing bump, but also about the intimate relationship you have with your partner and your children.

I love capturing the tenderness of a mum looking down at her belly. I love when dad is there to caress mum's cheek hugging his most precious gift. I love when there is a toddler touching the belly with an inquisitive look. I simply love capturing this emotional time in a woman's life.


I don’t have many photos of my mum with her big belly. But do I have one when she was decorating the Christmas tree with the help of my older brother. You get the sense that they weren't simply waiting for Father Christmas, but for something bigger and better to arrive and just I love it!


So why don't make some memories for your children to enjoy and start your own story today!



When To Book a Maternity Session

I would suggest to book your maternity session around your 20th week. You will have your scan at that time and find out important information about your baby. You will have the time to know your photographer. I always meet up with my clients and I know they will be more comfortable during the shoot.

Best time for your Maternity Photos

The best time to photograph your bump is anywhere between the 34th and 37th week. Your belly should be showing beautifully and hopefully you shouldn’t be too tired yet. You can wait longer if you wish but babies are unpredictable and you might feel exhausted at the end of the session. Your husband or partner, children, and pets are all very welcome and highly recommended to join you in the session. They will help to make it much more memorable and personal. I always encourage my clients to go outdoors to a park or a special location. This helps to make the shoot very unique to you.

What to wear

For clothing, the key is to keep it simple. Choose natural tones and solid colours for dresses and tops. Try to avoid bright colours, heavy patterns or prints. At the studio you can find gowns, scarves and fabrics that can create a more artistic look.

For dads joining the session, I recommend denim jeans with a simple collared shirt or a plain t-shirt, which is always a winner. For an intimate session, a bare-chested look works well, especially if it is followed up with a precious newborn baby and daddy portrait.

I have created a special Bump and Baby Package that allows you to capture the ‘before and after’. This is the best option if you are planning to have both a maternity and a newborn session.

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