The first year of baby’s life is full of important achievements and milestones.





If you are visiting this page I am sure you have a baby that just started smiling or playing on its tummy! You feel very proud and excited and are thinking about how to preserve these amazing ‘firsts’.

Your baby is growing very quickly, too quickly, unfortunately. So be sure to enjoy and savour every moment spent with your baby.

I have specially created the Baby Milestones Package to capture the important milestones of the first year in three separate sessions. This deal allows you to save money on the combined portrait sessions and on the set of products you choose so that you can record all these important ‘firsts’ in a complete set.



The earlierst and most precious memories of your baby.

Newborn photography is best done within the first 10 days. Mum, dad and siblings if any are welcome to join as well. You can see example of my work and read more info about this type of session in the newborn page.


I personally love this stage around 6, 7 months, when babies are able to sit by themselves. You can really start seeing the personality of the baby, capture different facial expressions, their beautiful smiles. The session at this age is usually a blast and it's short as they can get bored quite easily and lose their attention span quickly.



You baby is one year already!

The big milestone in this session is baby standing with some support or maybe doing the first steps. Their personality will be shining and they will be more cooperative and interactive. This will be another quick session, around an hour.





one year old baby clapping hands - black and white photography

Your baby will be photographed 3 times during the year and will receive a stunning folio with your favourite images from the session. You will also receive a discount on further products you decide to buy.

Of course, a single session at any of the age above is always available.

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