Fun in the park – Children Photography Wandsworth

Only a few weeks ago it was so lovely staying outside to enjoy the nice weather. Now we need a warm jacket and a hat!

I love location sessions especially with toddlers that cannot sit and pose inside for long. Going out on a park give so much variety and always something different to do and to look at. They can run around, they can jump, they can chase birds, they can pick leaves . . . they can better express themselves.

I’ve seen this little girl growing up, I photographed her when she was a newborn, we had a cake smash together and I know she is a very active toddler not willing to stop for a second! 🙂

That’s why we headed to a park, we went to Wandsworth Common, in SW Lonon.

We were running around and hiding behind trees and playing a few games.

Yes me too!

Yes, of course, I have to be silly!

Yes, I have to embarrass myself.

Here a few images I hope you enjoy.


Children Photography Wandsworth - girl peeking from behind a treeChildren Photography Wandsworth: girl peeking from behnd a treeChildren Photography Wandsworth: girl holding a leafChildren Photography Wandsworth: toddler laughing out loud

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Children Photography Wandsworth – SW LONDON


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