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How to Photograph your Children with your Phone

Hello  lovely moms! I hear all the times moms saying “it’s so hard to get a decent photo of my son/daughter”, “he  keeps moving and makes silly faces”, “she is all blurry” . . . and many more! Of course they do! They are babies or children and they like to be busy, do things,...

Father’s Day – Gift Ideas & free Download

Father’s Day is getting closer! I know lots of moms and kids are looking around to find a perfect gift for daddy right now. Have you found something you like already or do you need some ideas? Well, for those of you who are still browsing here a little help: – A personalised iPhone or...

5 Easy Photo Ideas to Try with your Kids!!

I am following an online live class on Creative Live about building a successful creative blog. It will be on for the next 2 days so if you are interested you should definitely check it out here. April Bowles is pretty awesome and will give you some great tips and ideas! I know that has...

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