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I Photograph Love – Thank you all

2015 is nearly over. I just wanted to take a moment to look back at this year. Thanks to all of you who let me capture important and precious moments in their life. I photograph Love and I love it! I met new wonderful friends, I cuddled lots of newborns and played with older babies….

Babysitter? Yes please!!

Okay, let me arrange my thoughts and try to get this post done. And believe me it’s not the easiest thing  to do with my daughter in the background singing, making annoying noises, asking me things, talking to herself and talking loudly to her toys! Actually right now the floor of my living room is…

A day in life – gnocchi recipe

A while ago I did a little video of Amy baking some cupcakes. She really enjoys cooking with me, sometime she helps me, sometimes she is a bit of a pain to be honest 🙂 but when I have time I let her helping me. On Sunday, since it was a rainy day, I decided…

National Siblings Day – family Love

We all know about Mother’s day and Father’s day, well of course we do 🙂 We have other celebrations like women’s day, international worker’s day, grandparents day . . . Then there some “funny” days here and there during the year like Pancake day, Red Nose day, the cupcake week some of them charity related….

End of the Year!

Wow! I cannot believe 2014 has nearly gone. It has been a great journey and professionally I am delighted to have worked with some great people as your baby photographer in Wandsworth. I really love what I do and every baby, child, mum-to-be fills my heart with love and happiness. It has been a privilege…

Document everyday life – 3 year of joy

3 years ago it was the day my life changed completely. It was the day my daughter was born and the day I started to experience real joy, love, happiness, satisfaction, pride . . . the list could go on and on but I think there are not enough words to describe  all the feelings…

Document everyday life – Baking cupcake

I am starting a new personal project. One of many I have in mind! I want to document everyday life with my daughter, activities, play times, moments . . . throughout photographs and videos. There are different reasons behind it: First of all and most important is to have a nice memory of her that…