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Ale – Baby Photography London, Clapham Junciton

I just love all these expressions in a baby! They can do so many different faces in few minutes . . . Try as well with your little ones! Lay them on a carpet, blanket or on the bed and get your camera ready!! You will both have fun, I promise! 🙂 Meet little baby...

7 Months of Joy

I just loved the faces this little guy did during this session!! He didn’t want to lay on his back playing with his cute feet but he was rolling around like a ball! I think he will crawl very soon. This age is quite fun, they are chubby, they respond well to the interactions and...

Happy Halloween

Okay! Here we are Halloween!! To be honest my Italian heritage leads me to rationally think that this “celebration” is a bit “silly”. For us the day is the 1st November and it’s the celebration of the glory of all saints. The following day is the commemoration of all our dearest friends and family that...

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