Cake Smash – Baby Photographer London

The cake smash session is becoming always more popular to celebrate a child’s birthday.

It’s fun, messy, colourful, sweet and yummy!

Basically all the things children like putted together in one big experience. No wonder why it’s getting popular!

This is a cake smash for a second birthday and you actually see it’s a bit different. Of course a toddler run around more than a one year old baby, she was dancing and jumping and singing . . .  but a toddler is also more confident with the cake. No need to say “come on darling, touch the cake” “you can eat it”. Toddler knows perfectly what a cake is and it’s probably heaven for them to literally destroy one! 🙂

A cake smash make also great images for birthday invitation cards or for images to display at the party!

Meet 2 year old Margherita.



Get in touch before your child’s birthday and let’s have some fun! Look at this video to see some behind the scene.

Cake Smash Photography London.