The 5 Best Things about Breastfeeding

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed?


This is one of the questions midwives ask you when you are pregnant.

“Well of course I will” at least that’s what I thought. I mean, why not?

But we are all different and I leaned that a lot of women didn’t have the same opinion.

Looking for some tips? Keep reading..

I had a chat with the lovely Tina, midwife and director of the Neighbourhood Midwives, a private independent midwifery service that helps women to find a midwife they can trust and get close to.


Here are her best 5 things about breastfeeding for moms!


1. You get to sit and rest every 2/3 hours while you feed (while you are at it, stay in bed and be waited on)

2. You need up to 600 extra calories a day to make the milk so you can eat lots of nutritious food. (as you are resting anyway get your partner to bring these delicious meals on a tray)

3. Every time you come into contact with any bugs or germs your body makes antibodies which immediately start to protect your baby. You are less likely to have an unwell baby.

4. Breast milk poo is completely inoffensive so ideal for daddy to do all the nappy changing while you recover and rest.

5. Breast milk is free, always available, the correct temperature, it involves no preparation or sterilizing and you won’t run out if you are out for the day.


And for the baby:


It tastes good

It makes baby feel good

it protects baby

it’s perfectly created for baby

it comes from mummy



Most of the clients who come to my studio in Battersea breadfeed their babies. However, as I see them quite early, breastfeeding is still a learning curve for most of the mums and it takes time to feel it right.


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