Did you know I am BANPAS member?

BANPAS stands for Baby and Newborn Photography Association.

If you are expecting  (many CONGRATULATIONS!!) I will suggest browsing through their website because there is a lot of useful information about finding a photographer, the right time to book, what you could expect from a photography session  . . . and more.  They also have a nice FB page where they share tips and articles about pregnancy, birth and beyond.

BANPAS promotes safe working practices amongst newborn photography and is dedicated to ensuring that baby’s comfort and safety take priority whilst the photographers create beautiful images for parents to treasure.

BANPAS members are amongst the leading baby and newborn photographers.

You have to submit a number of photographs to prove the quality of the work and also multiple photos used for composite images.

BANPAS really helps its photographers in the business providing continuous training and seminars and I am proud of being a member of this association for the past 2 years. You can see my personal profile clicking here.

I think finding the right photographer for yourself is really key for a good relationship and result of your photos as well. I always suggest having a coffee to get the chance to know each  other better before the session. That will help to be more relaxed and at ease at the time of the session. Check out my newborn portfolio on my website.

If you want to have a chat or meet me for a coffee get in touch here.

banpas newborn photographer London

Banpas newborn photographer London









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