Do you exist in your children photos?

Hello lovely mums!

This is the first post of the year. I took a bit of a break during the holidays and went back home in Italy. Well, calling a break is actually a big word I guess. What we have when we go there is more like a tour de force. Every time there is someone to meet, someone who invites you for dinner, something to do, friends and family around, so in the end times goes super fast and you are left with the feeling that you need a holiday from that “holiday” 🙂

So now it’s all back to normal and I ‘m ready to embrace this year!

I had a look at the enquiries I had last year. Most of them newborn are related, but I’ve been asked as well if I do quick photo shoots, because just one o two photos are requested for a gift or for a particular occasion. Now I want to be very honest: providing 2-3 photos or 20-25 like in a normal session takes the same amount of preparation, discussion and it’s actually more time-consuming so it’s something I cannot offer on a regular basis.

But I like to take on board your needs and that’s why I want to begin the year with a special mini session!

Special because it celebrates MOTHERHOOD!


I am guilty myself of not existing in many pictures with my daughter. Sometimes we like to have fun and being silly and take some selfies, but I don’t really like selfies, I always look so distorted and ended up to bin them 🙁  I prefer taking photos of my girl but then when I look at them I wonder where I was and wish was there too! I know . . .  it’s a controversial feeling!

When we go on summer holidays we always take the chance to find a photographer and remember that time. It’s so nice to have some photos of the three of us or photos with my girl!

So one of my new year resolution is actually be more in the pictures with her! Because I spend so much time with her but no one could tell 🙁  Because I want she will remember those moments one day! Because I want her to know that I was there for her! Because she deserves it!

If you like me and most of us busy mums are always behind the camera and love to have a few photos with your little monkeys then this mini sessions are perfect for you!

They are sweet and short, so no one get bored, they include some photos of your children alone as well as with you and the best part packages start from only £99!

If that sounds good get in touch and get your slot booked! Mini session will be on the 6th February!

Vale xx

Photograface by Valentina | Baby Photographer Clapham and Battersea





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