Autumn is officially here!

Who doesn’t like Autumn?

Okay, I know what you are thinking it’s getting colder, you always need a jacket, in the morning is always foggy, the day are shorter and it will be wet and humid. But you have to admit that it’s one of the magical moment of the year . . .

The trees are getting red and yellow and orange and then it’s raining leaves . . . and an amazing foliage will be covering the sleeping ground. In the morning the low mist mixed with the dew is actually quite intriguing and even though it’s a bit biting it makes you feel like you’re in a story tale. Wow that’s looks like a fable already . . .

yellow&red leaves

But hey wait! All that glitters ain’t gold!

For all of us mommies it also means:

– runny nose and children getting sick more often

– dog poo hidden below crispy and colourful  leaves that your child is throwing everywhere

– wet days mean muddy paddles (we all know Peppa Pig is quite a good teacher!)

– more time inside trying new crafts and inventing new games

It’s all fun hey? 🙂

Going back to autumn well, here we are! 23 September 2014, first day and in London a great sunny day. I saw people in the local park having picnic, children playing football, a lot of runners so a great beginning for sure!

And remember it’s a great time to go out with your camera and take nice pictures of your children. Let them play, let them run and have fun 😉 And if you get stuck and need some help give me a call!




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