The love in a family grows strong and deep, leaving special moments to treasure and keep.

I love spending a time with young families, capturing the laughter, the love, the fun and the unique bond that they share. These sessions can be very natural and simply be a way to document a day in your family life, or they can mark a special anniversary, or be themed with little bit of imagination and playfulness to be something different. Dressing up for a teddy bear’s picnic, or a Mad Hatter’s tea party delights both young and old and the photographic results are magical whilst you as a family have tons of fun making them.

When to book

Any time of the year presents an opportunity to have fun outdoors. A lifestyle portrait session is perfect for a family with young children. It’s like having a family day out in the park playing and walking around. I don’t like posing too much, I’d rather capture the moment, the love, the connection, the fun . . . I find that an image with no eye contact to the camera is so much more powerful then people just looking at me while I photograph.

Book a lifestyle session today and create a special day together that is recorded more beautifully than any iPhone snaps ever will!

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