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Baby Melissa came to my studio in SW London when she was just 6 days old.  I already knew the parents, as I photographed her big brother a few years ago, so everything was easier and quite relaxing. I remembered him very well because his was the quickest newborn session I ever did :)  The... Continue reading →

This post contains very important information to prevent common child accidents. The post comes from First Aid for Life, first aid experts who provide adivce and training. On their website you can find lots of useful free resources too. Every year, around 2 million children attend A&E due to accidents. Over 76,000 of these require... Continue reading →

Newborn photography is such a fascinating world. It is now very popular documenting the very early days of a baby. Parents want to remember those little toes and fingers, the cute little nose, the beautiful chubby cheeks . . . and the priceless memory of holding that tiny baby and gently kissing him. They do... Continue reading →

Newborn photography is the cutest thing! I photographed big brother 3 years ago and he was a superstar.   I think his newborn session was done in 1.5h. He was a star one more time with his little sister. Super cuddly and caring and cute! Aren't they just adorable?   Newborns are best photographed between... Continue reading →

What an adorable baby! This little baby came to my studio when he was 13 days new. He was pretty sweet. I should really blog soon the whole session! While you are expecting, it is the perfect time to look into newborn photography, so you are prepared and you have the chance to meet and... Continue reading →

NCT is the UK largest charity for parents. Their vision is of a world in which no parent is isolated and all parents are supported to build a stronger society.   They offer great courses before birth and they support mums with breastfeeding. They connect new parents so you can meet people who live close... Continue reading →

The first year of a baby is amazing.   As a mum you are looking forward to meeting your baby. You spend 9 months preparing for this moment, practising breathing, reading books, asking for advice, wondering what your baby looks like and then finally here he/she is. No matter how many hours of labor or... Continue reading →

In the very early days, I remember staring at my daughter when she was sleeping. Looking at the long eyelashes, gently stroking the soft skin, admiring the sweet mouth and nose . . . I love baby details, little feet, squishy mouth, long fingers, button nose . . . and every time I photograph the... Continue reading →

Hello! I'm Valentina and I'm a children photographer and a mum of a beautiful little girl. I'm happy with a camera in my hand and I want to share my passion my you! Thanks for stopping by.

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