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As an Italian maternity photographer working in London, it can be hard to please some friends in Italy. But you can't say no to an old dear friend, can you? :)   So I went to Italy and took some photos of her beautiful pregnant belly. This is actually quite an old session, back in... Continue reading →

Right now in London is very hot,  it makes you even wonder if it's London ;)  Weather forecasts say it will be hot all week and next week as well. Yay! Picnics, BBQs and outdoor life! Unfortunately if you are pregnant, you might not enjoy yourself that much . . . I had an autumn... Continue reading →

Pregnancy, while filled with emotions and discomfort, is one of the most amazing miracles a woman can ever experience.   I met Tosin when she was around 20 weeks pregnant with her first baby. We had a cuppa together and a chat about pregnancy and newborn photography. She was very excited and looking forward to... Continue reading →

I'm a maternity photographer based in Battersea, SW London. I have photographed many expecting moms and I warmly suggest to have some memories of this time. You can  read this older blog about why you should have maternity photos. Maternity is a special moment in every women's life. Document this time with some nice photos... Continue reading →

Maternity is really a magical time in a woman's life. It's where all begins and even if sometimes it can be hard it's still the biggest miracle ever.  I know maternity is not always an easy journey, indeed most women feel horrible, tired, exhausted . . . my pregnancy was a bit hard towards the... Continue reading →

This beautiful mum-to-be  came to the studio with her toddler when she was 37 weeks pregnant. She wanted some images of her belly and some photos with her little man. Most of the time it's tricky to work with toddlers and get them to collaborate but just a few images are enough to make mum... Continue reading →

I photographed this family in March last year and I never got the chance to post it.  We were in Battersea Park, London and there was a nice field of daffodils in full bloom!  Surely a great background for any portrait! I couldn't post the photos in summer or winter so here I am. It... Continue reading →

Some time ago I wrote a post about why you should have maternity photography.    It's about why you should document this special time in your life. I listed a few reasons so there is no need to go through them again, but today I just want to add one more. Unfortunately, I had a tough... Continue reading →

Hello! I'm Valentina and I'm a children photographer and a mum of a beautiful little girl. I'm happy with a camera in my hand and I want to share my passion my you! Thanks for stopping by.

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