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Last week it was half term and we went to Italy for a little break. It was also my mum's birthday so I decided to do a typical Italian dessert: Tiramisu' (literally meaning pick me up). The origin of this dessert seems to come from Veneto, the region where I come from, so north of... Continue reading →

Friday again! I used to do Friday reviews and talk about books my daughter liked or places and events to try, or things to do like cooking! So here I am again with another recipe that Amy tried to make: goldfish cupcake. A few months ago I went to photograph an event for Annabel Karmel... Continue reading →

Yeah it's Friday!! And best of all it's the beginning of a long weekend this time and I really looking forward to some relaxing time (hopefully!) This Friday I wanted to talk about the book Bob ad Flo the missing bucket, that we discovered last week at the Storytime Sunday at the Doodle Bar in... Continue reading →

Last Sunday we went to the Doodle Bar in Battersea, a nice place where you can go and relax with the children. They can scribble on the chalk board wall, they can play in the outside area, there is also a Beach area (but it was quite cold and windy last week so we couldn't... Continue reading →

I haven't done a Friday review in a while now . . .  but sometimes I am getting caught up too much with things :( We recently bought the book "Barry the fish with fingers" and Amy is loving it.                   We had already one of the Barry's... Continue reading →

This week I want to talk about this amazing book we received as a birthday present. Press here by Herve Tullet.                   He is a French artist and illustrator and you can more work on his website I think this book is genius and my daughter loves... Continue reading →

Today is Friday and I usually do a Friday review on a product or a service that I like. Unfortunately this morning I woke up and my computer decided not to start. So today I spent the morning in the park with my daughter. It was such a lovely sunny morning and we looked for... Continue reading →

This week I want to talk about story time! Every child loves stories and picture books. I think the love for reading and for books is one of the most valuable gifts parents can give to their children. I believe I got a book for my daughter when I was still pregnant and then more... Continue reading →

Hello! I'm Valentina and I'm a children photographer and a mum of a beautiful little girl. I'm happy with a camera in my hand and I want to share my passion my you! Thanks for stopping by.

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