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Siblings – Newborn photographer Battersea London

Last week I was in my hometown in Italy for a few photo shoots.

I’ve been in London for 9 years now, can’t believe is that long! My business is here in Battersea, where I live and work, but it’s nice from time to time going back there, see family and friends. Recently I’ve been back and forth more than planned because every time someone asks me to take some photos  of their babies  🙂 Of course I can’t complaint!

One of the shoots I did was for an old client and her second baby. I just want to share a  little sneak peek here. Big brother was a bit difficult that morning, we tried a few bribes, a few tricks and when he was nearly ready, new baby wasn’t!  Hahahaha

Sometimes it’s really hard to get just one photo! So this sneak peek is for mum who really wanted a photo of them together.

Welcome to the world little A. 17 days new.


Photograface by Valentina | Newborn Photography Battersea

For more information about newborn session you can read this booklet. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.





Newborn Home Session – Baby Isabella

Recently I was a bit off-line. First a lot of work, then various sickness in the family, half term . . . everything together resulted in a bit of less time on the social media which actually wasn’t too bad 😉

So back to blogging and today I want to share a session that I should have blogged a while ago, because I took it last year! I met the couple at the Clapham Baby Show, a fabulous event for local mums who want to meet experts in the industry and find services available in the area.

When baby Isabella was born I went to their home in Streatham and took some photos around the house. Baby was super cute, not very sleepy but it’s actually nice to document the newborn in a more relaxed way, candid photos not much posed as I do at the studio.

Home sessions are about environment and relationship and they are a great solution for those who don’t want to go out too soon.

Here the 2 weeks new baby girl.

newborn-photography-home-streatham newborn-photographer-clapham-streathamnewborn-photography-balham-clapham newborn-photographer-balham-clapham newborn-family-photography-clapham

newborn-home-photography-streatham newborn-family-home-photographer-clapham

Photograface by Valentina | Maternity | Newborn | Baby Photography







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