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Baby Oscar

I photographed this little baby boy when he was about 40 days old, so not quite a newborn anymore. I always recommend to photograph newborn within the first 2 weeks of life but I know it’s not always possible. Especially if baby is from another country 🙂

I’ve known mum for years, we went school together, we went out together as teenagers and now we are both mums! It was a pleasure to photograph her second boy and I flew to Italy as soon as I could arrange it. The baby was actually pretty good and slept quite well during the session and big brother was lovely as well!

It’s never too late for  some sweet memories  🙂

A few images from the session.

newborn-photographer-battersea-sw11 newborn-family-photography-battersea-clapham newborn-photographer-london newborn-photogrpaher-clapham-sw-london baby-photography-battersea newborn-photography-clapham newborn-photographer-clapham-battersea newborn-family-photographer-clapham

For more information about newborn session you can read this booklet. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Photograface by Valentina | Newborn Photographer Battersea




Maternity Photographer Battersea

This beautiful mum-to-be  came to the studio with her toddler when she was 37 weeks pregnant. She wanted some images of her belly and some photos with her little man.

Most of the time it’s tricky to work with toddlers and get them to collaborate but just a few images are enough to make mum happy!

Here a few images from the session.

maternity-family-photographer-battersea maternity-photographer-battersea-chelsea maternity-photography-chelsea-battersea-london maternity-photographer-battersea-sw11-london maternity-photography-battersea-clapham maternity-photographer-battersea-photografacebyvalentina

Photograface by Valentina | Maternity  Photography Battersea



A day in Life – Fresh Pasta

I didn’t realise how long this half term was! There are more holiday days than Christmas!!

In Italy there are normally a few days off for Easter, usually around a week time and I still need to get used to the English school system! I will get it one day 🙂

We stayed in London and tried to keep Amy busy somehow. I have to say she quite enjoys staying home playing with her Pony and Shopkins collection. She spends hours making up little stories and it’s actually funny listening to her but of course everyone need some fresh air. We went to playgrounds, fairs, ice-skating, to Legoland . . . and indoors we did a bit of colouring, painting, crafting, cooking . . .

What I wanted to share is an easy recipe to make fresh pasta! Very similar in making  gnocchi for children, they will enjoy modelling the ingredients as they would with the Playdough.

I made a little video of Amy while she was preparing the dough all by herself and then uncle Thomas helped her making tagliatelle with the pasta machine.

The recipe and the ingredients are in the video. The pasta was served with a creamy nutty sauce. Yum 🙂

Hope you enjoy it! Let us know if you do so we make more similar videos 🙂

PS. I like spending time with her, but luckily next week will be school time again!! Ha ha ha


Baby Lucia – Newborn Home Photography

This session was quite special to me.

I met this lovely mum a few years ago during a local market, the St John’s Hill Festival, in Clapham Junction and since then she became a client and a friend. I worked with her son when he turned 1 year old and she wanted to have some family photos based on the movie Up. Okay Alexander was a bit grumpy 🙂 but he was so cute anyway! You can see some from that session here.

Then we worked together again when she decided to launch her website of personalised gifts. I was really impressed by her products and their quality and I embraced the project.  I really had fun styling and photographing something different for a change. Actually if you are looking for a special gift you should have a look at the Lavender Closet, she has some exquisite things there!

A few months ago she gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl and I was really happy to capture her first days. She was the last newborn I photographed last year!

I visited them in their home in Wimbledon and we had a home session. I brought with me some props so we could have a studio feeling in some images while still enjoying a more relaxed session at home. I had to win big brother over playing Cars a little bit but eventually he warmed up. It’s not always easy dealing with toddlers 🙂

Let me introduce baby Lucia, 9 days new.

newborn-photographer-wimbledon-battersea-london newborn-photographer-battersea-wimbledon newborn-photography-wimbledon-battersea newborn-photography-clapham-wimbledon newborn-photography-battersea-wimbledon-london newborn-family-photographer-battersea-clapham newborn-family-photographer-battersea-wimbledon newborn-family-photographer-sw19-wimbledon newborn-mum-photography-wimbledon-sw19 family-newborn-photographer-wimbledon-sw19

Photograface by Valentina | Newborn Photographer | Battersea | Clapham | SW London





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