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child in milky water playing with pink flowers

Have you ever had a Milk and Flower Bath?

A couple of weeks ago I had a maternity session and I did a bit of experiment with the milky bath.

Mum-to-be said it was pretty nice, laying in warm water full of flowers and  just relaxing 🙂

I have to say that it looked quite cool, maybe with some soft music in the background and a bit of aromatherapy can really be very relaxing and worth a go! The challenge is probably having 30-40 minutes to completely relax hahahaha

Anyway my daughter saw all the flowers I prepared and the milky water and she was very curious about that new thing. She was commenting about the colours of the flowers, her favourite, about the craziness of putting milk in the tub and she was getting excited. So I promised I would have done a bath for her as well and actually she quite enjoyed it 😉

Now she asks for more!!

Here a few photos x

child in milky water playing with pink flowers

little feet poking out of milky water

flowers and child hands on water child looking down child looking at the camera leg surrunded by flowers in milky water inside the tub holding a flower

child looking up

Photograface by Valentina | Baby Photographer Battersea




Maternity Photography in a Daffodil field

I photographed this family in March last year and I never got the chance to post it.  We were in Battersea Park, London and there was a nice field of daffodils in full bloom!  Surely a great background for any portrait! I couldn’t post the photos in summer or winter so here I am.

It was a Spanish family expecting for the second child. Taking maternity photographs when there is already another child is great! Everything is more relaxed, the attention is on the child and there is excitement, curiosity and everything is spontaneous. We had a walk around the park, we visited the ducks and tried to make it as much fun as possible.

The girl was 4 years old at the time and she was a super star 🙂  Gorgeous girl, amazing hair, little singer/dancer and she even witnessed a kick while she had her ear on mummy’s bump. She did also great when her little brother came to studio for the newborn photos.

Here some photos from the session.












5 Simple Tips to avoid Flat Head Syndrome in babies

I am part of a great networking group in south London called Pure Pregnancy.  We are all women that work with pregnant mamas and parents in different way but all with the same passion: from therapists, midwives, doulas and yoga teacher, to post natal and baby feeding experts. We meet regularly and talk about what we do and how we help people.

One of the therapist  I met there is Julia Finlay, a lovely osteopath who specialises in babies and pregnancy.  She kindly talked me about her job and shared some tips on how avoiding flat head in babies.



“As a paediatric osteopath I often get asked for  advice about babies’ head shape. This has become common since the “Back to Sleep” campaign in the early 1990s. While the advice is sound as far as SIDs is concerned, some babies seem to quickly settle into very fixed sleeping patterns that then tip them into distorted head shapes because the bones are so soft. In my experience this may be more likely to occur with babies who are settled, good sleepers. Other predisposing factors can be tight necks which may relate to the labour or intra-uterine lie.

Parents may be slow to notice – we all look at faces before we worry about head shape don’t we? Often they suddenly realise when they see a photo or a relative says something.

While it may improve (or at least stop getting worse) once your baby begins to sit up, it’s important to manage it actively early on. The longer it’s left the harder it is to treat.”

Here are a few tips:

1. Give your baby lots of tummy time (supervised of course) from birth. 2-3 times per day, short and sweet – a few minutes at a time. Some babies love it and some hate it but it’s a good idea for everyone. If your baby is refluxy then try putting them over a cushion or rolled up towel to help lift their shoulders and head. The added benefit of this is that it helps early motor skill development and head control.

2. If they have a preferred side to look, put all the interesting things in life – including you! – on the other side to encourage them to turn the other way. This applies to toys, changing mats, looking out of their cots and so on.

3. In the pram and cot – get a hollow pillow to support their head straight or stop them from lying on the flat side by strategic use of a rolled up muslin or towel.

4. The sooner you get going with careful positioning and management, the less of a problem you will have. The bones of the cranium ossify towards the end of the first year. Many parents find that once they start being careful the head shape quickly responds as it is growing so rapidly.

5. If they seem uncomfortable turning or feeding from one side then perhaps seek some  manual therapy such as osteopathic treatment.


Julia has an MSc in cranial and paediatric osteopathy from the Osteopathic Centre for Children and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council. She has volunteered weekly at the Osteopathic Centre for Children since qualifying in 2009.




Cake smash time!

I realised I never blogged about this wonderful cake smash session. It was over a year ago!! I knew already this baby girl from a family session we had a few months back at Bishop Park, in Fulham.

Mum wanted to celebrate her first birthday as well, so we talked about what to do and she brought some decorations to use. Emilia was a but tired that morning but I think she eventually had fun and enjoyed her cake.

I believe cake smash are pretty fun and something new for the baby. They either are very curious and love it or they are a bit scared and hate it. In both case it comes out the personality of the child.

I normally do a little mini session with normal clothes, then the cake smash and to finish a little bubble bath, which is also exciting. It popular for the first birthday but I did it also as second birthday celebration and my daughter wanted to do it for her third one as well! 🙂

Here some photos from the session.

baby-photographer-battersea-fulham cake-smash-photographer-battersea-fulham-photografacebyvalentina baby-cake-smash-photographer-fulham-battersea-london cake-smash-photographer-clapham-fulham cake-smash-photographer-fulham-battersea cake-smash-birthday-photographer-fulham-battersea-london

And the best part is that parents have all the photos printed and displayed in a nice album, so they can have it forever!

cake-smash-photography-album- cake-smash-photography-products-accordion-album

Photograface by Valentina | cake smash photographer Clapham | Battersea |Fulham



Freeze the time! Create a memory that lasts

Every day millions of photos are uploaded and shared on the social media.  Facebook is unreal and has more than 350 million photos uploaded every day on average. Instagram is getting crazy with an average of 60 million, then there is Flickr, Pinterest, Google +, Twitter. . . 

Social media are great to share moments and memories with your friends and family, especially if you are away like myself and may other people! Gran can see the development of the grandchildren, friends can see where you are and what you are up to and everything is recorded there. Somewhere in the cyber space. Some images are private, most of them are public so everyone can actually see them, so be careful with that 🙂

But most important they are in a space that is out of your control. It’s great to have a diary with your daily life and photos but it could be gone tomorrow! I know, that’s crazy!  Everything disappearing in a click of a finger.

You will have your photos saved in your computer or somewhere else (I hope) so you can have those memories with you again, but technology can easily fail and if that device breaks or bursts, you are really left with nothing 🙁

A part of your story will be missing! And this is pretty sad.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 22.30.05

One thing I always enjoy is going through old photos when I am at my parents’ house. They are always there in some big albums, in several  shoes boxes and no matter if there is internet or not, electricity or not, they are there in my hands.

I said already I am guilty myself of not printing enough! I’d love to have all my photos printed but we take so many pictures nowadays that it’s impossible! I do print the images that I love and want to see often and I print albums to create stories.

Please remember to print your photos, at least the ones that are more important to you 🙂

With my job I sell digital files too but most of the times together with a product, with a beautiful album or a wall piece so people can have them no matter what. I always tell my clients to make a duplicate of the USB I provide them because it’s not archival.

Prints, albums and frames are forever!

I hope you enjoy this little video. How I create something that last and that parents can enjoy.

That’s another reason why I love my job.




Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a special Sunday for all the Moms out there!

I hope you will have a great day with your family and a lot of cuddles and kisses from your little children! You deserve all the love that you normally give, always!

I would have never expected that being a Mom would have been so hard for so many reasons! I know sometimes it is too much and you kind of feel like this 🙂

We struggle every day, for the most difficult job no one ever prepare us, but it’s the most rewarding and worthwhile one.

Thanks to my job I see how joyful the motherhood journey is and how much happiness a little creature can bring.

Unfortunately sometimes I also have to witness how hard it is not be able to be a mom and this makes me appreciate even more who I am.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all.

Here I am with my girl. We went to the park yesterday, my hair were not done, I had no make up on, but I wanted to have a couple of photos with Amy to remember the day. And I love them no matter what 🙂

Vale xx




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