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tips for better iphone photography

Ready for a Big tip that will change your everyday pictures?

Last week I wrote a post on how to photograph your children with your phone giving a few general guidelines to follow and some nice tips to try with the iPhone. The post has been very very popular. Thanks for the interest, I had some nice feedback and I really hope you started practicing some of them.

This week I want to give you a very BIG tip for your iPhone. As I said on the previous post I can’t really help with other phone brands but they probably have similar features, so maybe study your phone or search the web.

So are you ready? This is what I really use all the time!

I want to go back to tip n.3 which was tap on the subject you want to focus before taking the picture. Okay sometimes is not necessary. You want to take a photo of a nice landscape or a sunset or a quick snap of your baby and you just click. We all do that.

But next time try to tap on the subject and you’ll see a square appearing on the screen. Try right now while you are reading and you can test it straight away. If you click on a darker area of what you are looking at you will have a different result that clicking on a brighter area, right?

I am sitting on my table at the moment and I am taking a quick snap of a candle in front of a window. The one below is a screenshot of the camera while taking just a snap with any touching/focusing, a pretty crappy one ๐Ÿ˜‰


Then I tap on the candle to focus on it and got it a bit closer, this was what it looked like. You see the yellow square right?


If you compare the 2 photos the last doesn’t look that bad. Okay you might notice it’s a little bit brighter because I had a white paper on the left side on the candle but it’s still dark-ish.

So here is the super BIG tip. On the side of the square there is a little sun. If you click and drag your finger up the image will be brighter, if you drag it down it will be darker. Pretty cool right? So because the candle was dark I slide it up a bit and I had this picture.


This is pretty good now, a big improvement from the simple snap don’t you think? Maybe a better angle would be more appealing but it was a test to show you how it works. This is simply done with the phone, no fancy app just a few tricks ๐Ÿ˜‰

If I had to take a photo of this candle I would probably go for a detail and a higher angle, then add a little bit of mood in Instagram. I only added a bit of sharpening and some shadow, nothing more!


So what do you think?ย  Pretty fun hey?

You can do the same the exact same thing with your children. Play with the exposure of the photo, try different angles and have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Here below a few pictures of my daughter I took with the phone. Yes I enhanced them in Instagram but I do use the exposure slider every day and if you start using it you can see difference in your pictures.


Have a great weekend moms (and dads)!!



maternity photography - autumn leaves images

Autumn colours are magic – Maternity Photographer Battersea London

Some time ago I wrote a post about why you should have maternity photography.ย ย ย 

It’s about why you should document this special time in your life. I listed a few reasons so there is no need to go through them again, but today I just want to add one more.

Unfortunately, I had a tough start of the week. A few of you might know I am a volunteer photographer for Remember my Babyย  and a couple days ago I went to the hospital to photograph a stillborn baby.

This made me realise even more that motherhood is a real gift.

Having a baby is a miracle, the miracle of life, and we should embrace it and celebrate it.

This is a sneak peek from a recent maternity session I had in the park and the autumn colours are really making the magic. What do you think?

Vale x


Photograface by Valentina |


photography tips for parents

How to photograph your children with your phone

Helloย  lovely moms!

I hear all the times moms saying “it’s so hard to get a decent photo of my son/daughter”, “heย  keeps moving and makes silly faces”, “she is all blurry” . . . and many more!

Of course they do! They are babies or children and they like to be busy, do things, have fun and don’t bother to look at mommy for a picture ๐Ÿ™‚ Now taking photos of a little baby will be totally different from taking photos of your toddler, that’s a pretty challenging job, but you can do it! In this post I just want to give you a few little tips on how to use your phone to document your baby’s life.

Nowadays most parents have nice fancy DSLR cameras and this is absolutely great but unless the camera is sitting on your table all the time, or is in your bag when you go out (which I doubt it) is kind of a bit useless, right? I am guilty myself of having the camera inside the camera bag in a corner and using it just on special occasion! Come on that’s normal ๐Ÿ™‚

But I use daily my camera phone because I’ve got it with me all the times. We can be in playgrounds, on a train or bus, inside a shop, at home, in a cafe and I can document all those moments just because I have the phone in my pocket and that’s super awesome!

The power of a photo is taking you back to that moment that you can live it again in your memory. We do all like sharing our child’s photos. We are having a coffee with a friend and you easily grab your phone, show a photo and start your story, right? “Oh look at this, Amy was so sweet, she was chasing the birds around the pond but that she saw the ice-cream van and she decided that an ice cream was most important than those birds”. We all do that, every image comes with a story and this is one of the reason why I really love my job.

Anyway let’s share these tips!

I use an iPhone so I will talk about tricks with that phone but general rules apply for every phone I guess. The photos I will show here are all my daughter’s ones taken with different models of iPhone, from the old 3S onward.


You can’t have a good photo without light, this is key in photography. iPhone needs good light even more. Of course there are times when you have to get the funny moment, expression and you just snap, but try to look for nice directional light. If you are at home have your baby playing near a window where you don’t see the hot spots on the floor. If there are just move the baby away and you will be fine. If you are outside, look for the shade. Of course you are in a playground and that’s your baby’s first go on the swing you will snap it! Sun or not ๐Ÿ™‚ But ideally if you want to get nice even light on the face try to stay away from direct sun. We are lucky here in the UK, we don’t have much that problem anyway ahahaha. So leave the sun behind you when you are outside or on the side if you are inside. Here below my daughter on a perfect cloudy day at the playground, a friend of her just sitting on the shade.


Flash? Please DON’T USE IT!! On the top left click on the flash icon and select OFF. The look of the flash on camera phone is awful so please don’t use it. I can’t show you a photo with flash because I never use it but trust me when I say it’s not good. Turn it off today and your pictures will improve massively! You can have great light in your home, just get next to a window. In both photos below there is a window on the side. How cute is that story reading to teddy and the fun you have when you wear colours’ lids. As mum I love both these photos and I still remember Amy’s happiness while playing with those lids!



to tell a story. I know it’s pretty easy to see your baby being cute, or on the carpet playing or looking at a book and taking the camera and get that instant while you are standing. Try to get low at the same eye level, capture a detail maybe the hand or the foot, go over their head, try to have fun and experiment, the result is telling a little story. Not necessarily they have to look back at you.



I’m not explaining everything here but in your next photos try to frame your baby. This is one aspect of composition but will give so much more impact to a picture. There are plenty of possibilities outside, shooting thought things, objects, playground are super great! Both images here below were taken in playgrounds: inside a tunnel and under a hut, I shot between the wooden posts.


Let children, baby play and have fun! Don’t ask “say CHEESE” you will get horrible faked smiles. It’s okay if they don’t look at you, sometimes photos where they look away from the camera are much more powerful or try to get their attention being a bit silly and making them smiling for real. You know the best your child so I’m sure you know what can make him/her happy.


So for now this will do as general guidelines. I will suggest to try one at the time, so you can concentrate on it. So next time you go out try to find places where you can frame your image, for example. Or look for that nice light in your house.

Practice, practice, practice.

So tip n.1 for shooting with iPhone, use the burst mode. Especially with toddlers and kids who move thousand mile an hour keep your finger on the circle and eventually you will get a picture in focus ๐Ÿ™‚ Burst mode = your best friend

Tip n.2 very useful if you are in a hurry and really need to take that moment but your phone is lock with a passcode. Don’t waste time to slide and unlock! On the bottom right there is the camera icon, slide that up and your camera is ready to go.


Tip n.3 when you are taking a photo tap on the subject to focus. That will help with focus and exposure. Next time I’ll give you a more advanced tip on this ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think I will leave with these tips for now. There is plenty to try out and practice.

Please let me know what you struggle with and what you will need some help. I was think to cover in the next posts what to capture in different baby ages, more tips on how to get nice pictures. Of course I’m open to suggestions so I might give you what you really want ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a super weekend

Vale x




twins newborn photography

Double trouble? I would say double love! – Twins photography Clapham, London

I have always loved seen twins of different ages but especially the little ones that are dressed the same or the ones that look like each other even if there brother and sister. I think they are adorable and most of all they will have a real friend for life. If you have a brother or a sister you will have a good friend already, but I think twins can really bond and understand each other much better.

A few months ago I had these lovely twin girls in the studio, at the time they were 4 weeks old non identical twins.

The parents were trying to have children for a while and eventually these beautiful two girls made their life bright and joyful! It was such a pleasure to photograph them all. The funny part of the session was having the two babies ready at the same time. Sometimes it can be tricky to get a newborn staying asleep for the whole session. Imagine with two newborn babies! A bit of double trouble! ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved the challenge and I think we got some nice photos of them.

Double love for mum and dad!

Here below a few images from the session.


newborn-twins-photography-battersea-clapham-london newborn-twins-photographer-battersea-clapham-london newborn-baby-twins-photography-battersea-clapham-london newborn-family-twins-photographer-battersea-clapham-london newborn-baby-twins-photographer-battersea-clapham-londonfamily-newborn-photographer-battersea-clapham-london newborn-photography-battersea-clapham newborn-baby-photographer-clapham-battersea

Photograface by Valentina | Newborn Twin Photographer Battersea



newborn photography most asked questions

Newborn photography – when is it too late? FAQ

Taking photos of newborn babies is probably my favourite part of the job. I really love working with them even if it takes a lot of time, patience, a bit of crying and messy time ๐Ÿ™‚ I hold naked babies so pee and poo on me is pretty common and part of the job ahahaha

When you have a baby, especially for the first time, you are going through a crazy time where everything is new and you have to get used to your little one and his needs, you have to cope with little sleep, crying baby, breastfeeding issues, and still you have the house, laundry, food . . .ย  and sometimes you think you can’t make it! I know how you feel. I’ve been there and I know it can be a mess ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s why I understand how easy it can be missing the first moments of you baby’s life.

My baby is 3 weeks old, can I still have newborn photos?

Sure you can! Shouldn’t say that but really it’s never too late.

Luckily (for me) most of my clients are organised mums who get in touch during the pregnancy and we have all the time to discuss about newborn photography and sometimes about maternity photography as well. I can have those little babies with me within the first 10 days and that’s absolutely perfect. At this stage they are still very sleepy and they are used to the womb position they’ve been in for quite a few months, so they can curl up easily resulting in nice cute images. Here below babies were respectively 6 and 15 days old.


However, even if you book early, sometimes there can be some medical issues for mum or baby, so they need extra time in the hospital and I see the babies after 2 weeks, which is still okay.

Other times parents might realise they would love some photographs of their baby and have nice memories of their new family only when they hold them. As I said before because this is a pretty a hectic time it might take a while to arrange it for parents and babies can easily be over 3 weeks. Would I say no to parents? Of course not!

Ideally within 2 weeks is the perfect time, it’s easier to achieve better photos, but I would never deny parents such a precious moment. I photographed babies up to 40 days and a bit over and yes they were less sleepy and more sensitive to be touched but parents were in love with their photos. These babies below were 40 and 45 days old.


This was a long answer to say please book early, preferably when you are still pregnant and you have some time to look for a photographer that you like and is right for you. I always invite my clients for a coffee because I think it’s important to know each other and understand if we are comfortable to work together. Then when you come with your baby you are a bit more relaxed too because we connected already. You will come when baby is around 6-10 days old.

However if you already had a baby don’t miss the opportunity just because you read on websites that newborn are photographed under the age of 2 weeks. You can still have pretty pictures, just talk to the photographer. You should understand that older babies couldn’t be happy in some positions, might be awake more but this doesn’t mean you can’t have lovely photos.

Can my older child be in the photos as well?

I highly encourage family in the pictures, especially if there are already brothers or sisters. That’s not the easiest thing to do, particularly if there toddlers but I will try my best to deliver a nice result. I know those images will be so precious for parents ๐Ÿ™‚

newborn-photographer-clapham-battersea-chelsea newborn-family-photographer-battersea-claphamnewborn-family-photographer-clapham-battersea

I always always always ask mum and dad to be there too. I understand mum is not feeling in the best shape after birth but there is no grater image than a new mommy or daddy cuddling, kissing or admiring their child. The connection and the emotion will make the image.newborn-photographer-clapham-battersea-balham newborn-family-photography-battersea-claphamnewborn-family-photography-clapham-battersea

How should I prepare for a newborn session?

Just come in with your baby ๐Ÿ™‚

Ideally try to feed the baby when you arrive. Come in, undress and swaddle baby and feed until he’s asleep. I will then take care of the baby and hopefully you can relax on the couch with a cup of tea and some snacks. Sometimes a full feed is enough to go through the session, others it takes a bit more time. There will plenty of breaks to feed the baby and make sure the little tummy is happy. So don’t be concerned if you spend more time feeding than me taking pictures ๐Ÿ™‚





newborn photographer clapham

Hello October! Clapham Newborn Photographer

And October is here! This is crazy, don’t youย  think?

The time is really going way too fast! My daughter is actually looking forward to this time of the year, to go out on the park searching for conkers and jumping on the creaky leaves. I imagine your kids will be the same ๐Ÿ™‚ I rather stay inside with a warm cup of tea but I probably end up jumping on leaves as well! Aahahah

Whatever you do when you go out, don’t forget to take some photos of your children with the pretty autumn colours.ย  The parks from now on will be a place of inspirations so take the chance! I will give you soon some nice tips to take photos with your phone, which I’m sure it’s always with you, right?

I had to share the photo below. I thought this cute baby girl was too cute all wrapped warm and comfy on a little bed of leaves and grapes. Totally autumn.

That’s how I’d like to be ๐Ÿ™‚

Vale x





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