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End of the Year!

Wow! I cannot believe 2014 has nearly gone.

It has been a great journey and professionally I am delighted to have worked with some great people. I really love what I do and every baby, child, mum-to-be fills my heart with love and happiness. It has been a privilege having every one of you as a client and I feel honoured every time someone chooses my service and decides to trust me with their little ones.

2014 would not have been such without your continuing support and love.

I truly thank you!


On the personal side this year had highs and lows: I lost my beloved family dog after 11 years together, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and luckily after surgery and treatments everything seems to be fine, I ended up at the hospital myself but we recently won a weekend to Paris, my little girl is the greatest joy every day and she just learnt how to ice skating by herself and to whistle :), we had a nice family holiday in Malta, I have been accepted as an official RMB volunteer photographer and I started a personal project for Africa.

I wish you happiness and joy for every day of the new year!

With love,

Valentina x


Children Photography Battersea, London – Themed photo shoot

“Laughter is timeless,

imagination has no age,

and dreams are forever”

I love this quote from Want Disney and I might have used it already a few times here and there.


The images in this blog post have been shot late in September. It was my daughter’s idea and I totally embraced it.

I’m not sure if the idea came from a story we read, from something she saw on TV or from a dream . . .  she likes stars, probably like a lot of children and she wanted some photos with them. Dancing and moving between stars.

We prepared the stars with tissue paper, so she was excited. I regret having used a visible thread but that’s what we had and the important thing was doing something together and something she liked to do!

I thought that like my daughter other children have a kind of “dream” they want to experiment, that’s why I created a little video to encourage to do this 🙂

If you want to have unique photography of your little ones get in touch so we can discuss the idea. I have a special package for this project because I want everyone can live their dreams!

children-photographer-clapham-london baby-children-photographer-clapham-london children-baby-photographer-clapham-london



Fun in the park - family photographer Clapham

Fun in the park – family photographer Clapham

I really had a lot of fun taking photographs of these two little boys.

I met this lovely family during the Northcote Road Summer fair and we had the photos done late in September. Daddy grew up near Clapham Common and he used to go to the park to play and spend his days. What a better place to go back with your own children and have fun once again as a family?

The little boy just turned 1 and he was such a happy baby it was a pleasure to work with. You know he was one of those babies that smile every time you look at them! A dream boy for every photographer 🙂

His 4-year-old brother was a so energetic and active it made me work out more than going to the gym, but it was a great fun! We basically raced in the park pretending to be Lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli and we got along quite well 🙂 Luckily my daughter is into boys cartoon as well so I was prepared for this!

Well let me introduce you to Luke and Leo and I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taken them.

children-photography-clapham-london children-photographer-clapham baby-photography-clapham-london baby-photography-clapham children-photographer-battersea-clapham family-photographer-clapham family-photographer-clapham family-photographer-clapham family-photographer-clapham

Do you want nice images of your family too? Don’t be shy and get in touch to discuss some ideas 🙂





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