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Tips for healthy children this winter from DottoreLondon

I know you are interested in the tips but first allow me to tell a little story.

I really enjoy living in London and a part from my family and good food (that I tried to cook anyway here) there is not much else I miss. London offers everything I need and much more 🙂

Then when I got pregnant and had a baby I realised that maybe there was one more thing missing here: good healthcare service and trustful doctors. I don’t know how you feel about the NHS service but when I come back from a visit of my GP with my daughter I feel I need another opinion. I grew up it Italy where every child has a pediatrician for the first 6 years and goes to the GP only afterwards. I was very surprised that there wasn’t a similar service here and we never got refer to a specialist when needed.

I recently found this clinic DottoreLondon  that was set up by the lovely Giorgia. She conducted a survey on nearly 100 Italian women living in London and  80% wanted an Italian gynecologist and pediatrician here. This is due not only to language and cultural barriers,  but also because the majority of Italian women have got used to a certain standard that they cannot find in London.

Last week I took my daughter to see the pediatrician for a general checkup and I was very happy of the service. We spend an hour with the pediatrician talking about the past three years and the main healthy issues she had. It was actually a nice chat that went from medical history to educational and behavior aspects, with questions and advice that not many others gave us before. The visit was very accurate and she was literally seen from top to toe 🙂

I think after 3 years we finally found a good pediatrician we can trust and I can genuinely recommend you.

I had a chat with Giorgia that day and she said:

“Our pediatrician is an expert in both Neonatology and Pediatrics. The services we provide at the clinic are preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic consultations and services (e.g. medical treatments, Oropharyngeal swab, ear swab, etc), drug prescriptions, request for consultations with a specialist, clinical analysis and diagnostic testing. The clinic is open for consultations over the weekend, but we can always be contacted via email or telephone  for emergencies or even just advice. We also offer house call consultations throughout London”

Wow! Isn’t that a great service? I had my doctor coming to my house all the time when I was a poorly child.

The doctors at DottoreLondon have been trained in both Italy and the UK so they’ve gained a wide expertise that meets any patients’ need. The service offered is not only for Italians living in London, but for any people who ask for high medical standard consultations at an affordable price. All the doctors are Italians but they also speak fluent English and other languages, such as Spanish and German.

So here we are with the top tips to have healthy children this winter.

In winter it’s easier to get sick. This is not due to the cold (cold often kills bacteria) but to the fact that kids spend more time indoors with other kids or adults who might have a virus.

Therefore kids should play and practice outdoor-sports.

A balanced diet with vitamins, especially vitamin C, and a good sleep routine are the essential ingredients to having a healthy child.

Finally, avoid overheating your house and the child’s bedroom. Temperatures shouldn’t be higher than 20 degrees.

I hope you find it a bit useful. Stay healthy and be happy! 🙂








5 months old baby – Baby Photography Clapham & Battersea

The first year of a baby is an amazing journey. They go from helpless newborn to nearly running toddlers in just 12 months where every month is full of small new achievements and a lot of excitement.

Every child is different of course and develops at his own pace, so don’t worry too much if they are not on target. They might be focusing on one skill and perfecting it before getting on.

I really love photographing newborn babies, they are so cute and tiny and adorable and they are only that small for a very short period of time. But if you missed to capture that extraordinary time you have still time to get nice images of your baby. Maybe you won’t get a cute baby sleeping on a basket but you can have a cute baby looking at you with a cheeky smile. Or a cute baby grabbing his feet.

The baby below is 5 months old. At this age babies know who they are and they show some of their personality already. They mastered their smile and they starts to roll over, to laugh and babble. It’s actually a nice age where you can really interact with them. I still got a recording on my phone when my daughter started making ‘baba’ and ‘gaga’ sounds and it’s so cute 🙂

Capturing the moments of today that will wow your hearts tomorrow.

baby-photographer-clapham-battersea-london baby-photography-clapham-battersea-london baby-photography-photographer-clapham baby_photography-battersea-clapham 5 months old baby - Baby Photography Clapham & Battersea baby-photography-battersea_clapham 5 months old baby - Baby Photography Clapham & Battersea




Press Here by Herve Tullet – Friday Review

This week I want to talk about this amazing book we received as a birthday present.

Press here by Herve Tullet.











He is a French artist and illustrator and you can more work on his website

I think this book is genius and my daughter loves it!

“Ready? Press the yellow dot and turn the page.”

That’s how the book starts. Every page has a simple instruction to follow and it makes the children really interact with it. Every page is a surprise and the whole book is like a magical journey.

When I think about interactive books I think about the touch and feel kind of book where you can touch an animal and feel its fur, or touch an object and fell its textures. These are great books for babies and toddlers, they can really understand what a material is like and touch things for the first time. We had a few of them as well and they are worn out.

Then there are the pop up books, so you open a page and the whole scene come right up your face, it’s quite an experience actually! But they are not the best for younger audience who is very excited and end up grabbing and ruining the book.

There also book where the pages are cut in half and you can create different characters or unreal animals and they are pretty funny!

This one is none of the above but is the most interactive of all. It’s like having a tablet in your hand 🙂

We live such in a technological era and even children are used to play with their fingers on a flat screen. This book is exactly like that. You have to touch, rub, shake, turn… and when you are on the next page all come alive!


It starts with a simple dot and it takes you to an enchanting voyage where children learn how to follow instructions, learn about colours, about sizes, left and right direction, light and dark and opens up their mind to a fantastic world.

And the end? Well . . .  there is never end to the power of imagination.

“Want to do it all over again?” Fabulous!

I really thank my dear friend for this beautiful gift and I highly recommend it for your children too.

I found this video on YouTube you can see how children have fun 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it!

Happy weekend xx





Fun in the park – Baby Photography Clapham & Battersea

Only a few weeks ago it was so lovely staying outside to enjoy the nice weather. Now we need a warm jacket and a hat!

I love location sessions especially with toddlers that cannot sit and pose inside for long. Going out on a park give so much variety and always something different to do and to look at.

I’ve seen this little girl growing up, I photographed her when she was a newborn, we had a cake smash together and I know she is a very active toddler not willing to stop for a second! 🙂

That’s why we were running around and hiding behind trees and playing a few games.

Here a few images I hope you enjoy.


children-photographer-baby-photography-clapham-battersea children-photography-baby-photography-clapham-battersea children-photography-baby-photography-clapham-battersea-london children-photography-baby-photographer-clapham-battersea

Baby & Children Photography Clapham and Battersea


Have a special Christmas – Children photography Battersea

It’s that time of the year again!

You can see the shop windows are already decorated, Santa grottos are opening up, shopping guides are everywhere, Starbucks cups are red . . .

I am having 2 days of Christmas mini sessions where you can come with your children and have some photos done. You will get 3 digital files that you can use for your own printing, you can gift prints to your friends and family, you can customise your packaging and create gift tags, you can create cards. There are lots of different ways you can use a photo!

The cost is just ÂŁ99 for the mini session and the high-resolution digital files.

Have a look at this magical video below. Do you like it? With a little upgrade you could create a personalised video message to send your Christmas wishes. Isn’t that an original idea?

Get in touch to reserve your spot.



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