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Pumpkin Mania – Happy Halloween

Are you ready to go trick or treat?

Have you decorated the house and made some pumpkins?

It’s funny how a few year in the UK changed our habits . . .  I wrote a post 2 years ago about this celebration that was a bit weird for me and my cultural background. 7 years later I am writing again to share our pumpkins and the fun in the making 🙂

Happy Halloween!




Newborn Photography Clapham – Baby Scarlett

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our heart”

-Winnie the Pooh-

This is one of my favourite quotes and in a few words it says so much. A newborn really takes up most room in a parent’s heart and to be honest every time I have a newborn with me I get pretty emotional and part of my heart goes to that little baby too. There is so much excitement and happiness around a newborn and I am truly grateful to capture such a precious moment.

A few weeks ago I photographed this cute baby girl who came to my studio at 10 days old.

She was awake nearly all the time, so mum probably had some time off in the afternoon 😉 but we manage to get some nice images and a couple of different props.

So let me introduce you to baby Scarlett and her mum.

newborn_photography_battersea_clapham newborn-photography-clapham-battersea newborn_photography_battersea_clapham_london newborn_photography_photographer_-clapham_battersea_london newborn_mum_photography_clapham_battersea

Newborn | Baby Photography Clapham | Battersea | London


The 5 Best Things about Breastfeeding

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed?

This is one of the questions midwives ask you when you are pregnant.

“Well of course I will” at least that’s what I thought. I mean, why not?

But we are all different and I leaned that a lot of women didn’t have the same opinion.

Looking for some tips? Keep reading..

I had a chat with the lovely Tina, midwife and director of the Neighbourhood Midwives, a private independent midwifery service that helps women to find a midwife they can trust and get close to.


Here are her best 5 things about breastfeeding for moms!

1. You get to sit and rest every 2/3 hours while you feed (while you are at it, stay in bed and be waited on)

2. You need up to 600 extra calories a day to make the milk so you can eat lots of nutritious food. (as you are resting anyway get your partner to bring these delicious meals on a tray)

3. Every time you come into contact with any bugs or germs your body makes antibodies which immediately start to protect your baby. You are less likely to have an unwell baby.

4. Breast milk poo is completely inoffensive so ideal for daddy to do all the nappy changing while you recover and rest.

5. Breast milk is free, always available, the correct temperature, it involves no preparation or sterilizing and you won’t run out if you are out for the day.


And for the baby:

It tastes good

It makes baby feel good

it protects baby

it’s perfectly created for baby

it comes from mummy


Maternity | Newborn Photography Battersea Clapham London



Children Photography Clapham – a sneak peek

I had to share this image!

This is why I love my job! Capturing a moment like this, the joy of a little boy running happily towards his mummy just make my day. It’s not about staying still and smiling at the camera, it’s about recording a great emotion.

“There is nothing as powerful as mother’s love,

and nothing as healing as a child’s soul”


Baby | Children Photography Clapham Battersea London


Baby Photography Clapham – Battersea – London – Baby Allegra

Location photography is just great! Especially when you go to Holland park in a hot sunny day!

The greenery, the flowers, the natural light does not compare with the most amazing studio background 🙂

I know we don’t have these summery days any more (unfortunately) but with older children is still actually nice to be outside.

So here just a few images from a 6 month old baby, who was so good and let us wandering all the park to look for different spots!

Enjoy the greatest blue eyes


baby-photography-battersea-clapham baby-photography-clapham-battersea

Newborn – Baby – Children Photography Clapham Battersea – London


Children Photography Clapham – Battersea, London

“A Child can teach an adult three things:

to be happy for no reason

to always be busy with something

and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires”


Sweet 2 year old Noemi playing at the park. I am loving black & white lately . . .

Happy Monday xx


Newborn | Baby | Children Photography Clapham – Battersea – London


Non Friday review! Just photography and fun.

Today is Friday and I usually do a Friday review on a product or a service that I like. Unfortunately this morning I woke up and my computer decided not to start.

So today I spent the morning in the park with my daughter. It was such a lovely sunny morning and we looked for conkers, we picked up leaves, very big leaves to take home and use them for crafty projects. We had a nice time!
When we got home I tried my computer one more time but still not working… so we played all day!! 😀

We cooked together and now I am sitting down on the carpet with her and I’m dictating this post to my phone! She’s talking as well sometimes so I hope there are no “strange” words in here. Ahahha
Anyway pretty cool!! And fast too!!
(Well I could never write a post on phone)

Have a nice weekend.

Andy because every post has pictures here a few from this morning taken with my phone and without my usual pretty frame.




Document everyday life – 3 year of joy

3 years ago it was the day my life changed completely.

It was the day my daughter was born and the day I started to experience real joy, love, happiness, satisfaction, pride . . . the list could go on and on but I think there are not enough words to describe  all the feelings a mum has for her child.

These were the best 3 years of my life, I am only sad that they passed to quickly. We have however great memories of this period and I am certainly proud of what you are and what you are becoming!

Happy Birthday my love! You make my life better every day and I cannot thank you enough for all your smiles, your joy, your being YOU!


I put together a little video with images of this time, most images and videos taken with my phone. It is priceless having so many memories of her, so make sure you document your life everyday! I wrote a post about this before, make this your project too. 🙂


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