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Baby Photography Putney, London – Emilia 6 Months

Gorgeous Emilia 6 months session is now up on the blog.

We headed to Bishop Park, Fulham in spring for some fun family outdoor photos. At this age babies are really fun to interact with, they can sit up by themselves and they can make a lot of expressions!! The park was beautiful and the flowers were blooming all around so it wasn’t hard to find a pretty location. Emilia was a real angel and let us take all the images that mummy and me planned.

Have a look at this beautiful family








Prince Birthday – Photography session for you!!

Hello beautiful Moms!! Are you enjoying this amazing weather?

Well you all know that today is Prince George’s First Birthday! I was just wondering how many gorgeous babies out there are turning one today!!

There is not just that one Prince but load of princes and princesses having a big celebration today!


If your child turns one today 22 July 2014 you can have the chance to win a 1 year photography session with me.

You just have to :

like my FBpage 

comment below the photo with your baby’s name

share if you can (more chances to win)

If you do that I will put your names in a draw and pick one name in a week’s time!If you don’t have Facebook you can comment here below in the blog. If you share it your name will be entered twice!

Let’s have fun and good luck




5 Easy Photo Ideas to Try with your Children

If you follow me you know that from time to time I give you some tips and ideas on photography. My daughter knows that the camera is now part of her life and she gets photographed a lot 🙂 Sometimes she gets frustrated, other times she wants to model and she is the one asking for photos!

I guess for your children would be the same, most of the time they won’t let you to take pictures and they will give you that grumpy face (ahahaha so funny!) but maybe if you “play” with them they can be collaborative.

I know moms love snapping images of their children at the park, at the playground, at the beach, at playgroups . . . every moment is so precious! Right? So I am just listing 5 ideas you can try with them and I’m sure they will be happy to give it a go 🙂

5 photo ideas


















They will be happy to jump on the bed for you and your camera. I guess it’s something “forbidden” so they will be delighted to do it and you will have all the chance you want to get a nice photo. The problem will be to stop them afterwards 😉

jumping on the bed

All children love spinning around especially if daddy is the one! Easy weekend photo when you are out as family. Again they will want to keep spinning, sorry dads . . .

spin around

It’s summer time and the weather is beautiful in London. What’s better than a splash to cool down! You can make them splashing in a little pool in the garden, in the bathroom tub or take them to a swimming pool! They will have so much fun!! They will be allowed to splash you and will have a super happy face!!


Next time you are in a bar having a drink, take out your phone and have a selfie together! They will see themselves in the camera so they might do silly faces as well. Of course they want to touch the phone and snap the photo! It’s all part of the fun 🙂


The last one is a very easy. Put your feet together, show them big and small and click it! If you have a girl you can have the same nail polish.


All the photos have been taken with my Iphone5 to show you that you can do it too. For the splashy one it happened I had my camera with me and I’m glad I had it 🙂

If you see this for the first time and you want to know more have a look here and here.

Have fun


what to wear during a photo shoot

Family photography – Clothing Ideas inspired by Pantone® 2014

What to wear for a portrait session is a hot and recurring question.

I always recommend to stay simple, away from big patterns and logos and stick to a few colour palette.

I already gave some general tips here  and maternity ideas here in previous posts.

Below you can just see how to have coordinated look for a location session. Same tonality will be used for children as well 🙂

Each outfit is paired with a rich Pantone 2014 hue to get you excited about clothes-shopping for your big day in front of the lens.

Tea Rose

Blushing shades of dusty pink and mauve are uppity and oh-so-cute against the moody grey skies of the cooler season. Leather footwear and chocolate accents ground the brighter pinks while adding natural textures to the overall look.  A lovely set of outfits perfect either in our out from under the umbrella!

Pink shades are also great for spring and summer, kind of a dreamy pastel look against the greenery the season can offer. You can use a nice scarf and sandals with your dress.

what to wear - family photography pink


Ah, teal both bright and melancholy, energetic yet relaxed. This popular color looks fabulous in front of the lens, especially set against cloudy skies and yellow-orange leaves. It also looks fabulous on just about everybody, making it a wonderful choice as the star of your outfit.

what to wear - family photography teal


Warm, comfortable, subtle sheepskin evokes the best part of cooler weather. Incorporating sand tones into your wardrobe adds a calming, natural touch. Sheepskin accents like boots and slippers provide wonderful texture to your images and keep your toes toasty!

what to wear - family photography cream


Rich rhubarb red is ready for Fall or Winter a deep, complex tone that commands attention. This festive color is so powerful even a small accent of it, like a pair of shoes or wool scarf, is enough to add vibrance to the dullest of outfits and backgrounds. Don’t overdo it, though too much can also overpower your skin tones! I would in fact keep that tone for the bottom part, away from the face.

what to wear - family photography red


What a deliciously exciting color to spice up your photographs! Done properly, this oh-so-Autumn tone could turn your photographs into something your friends will envy for years to come. Try using this spicy hue as an accent color, or if it’s a main piece like a top or jacket, make sure the rest of what you’re wearing is dark and subtle. The yellow-orange will pop on camera and look amazing.

what to wear - family photography pumpkin


This special grey-blue is introverted and complementary to just about anyone lucky enough to be wearing it! Whites and greys are ideal companions to create a complete look. Lovely to look at on camera and versatile for indoors, outdoors, urban, or out in nature, Provincial Blue is a great, low-risk choice for anyone putting together their outfit.


Sage green

Margarita is a soft sage green that reminds us Spring is somewhere around the corner, but not quite here yet! This hue is innocent and graceful, and can be worn as an accent color or as the main piece. Leather shoes and accessories look fantastic alongside this tone.


Cascade Blue.

Brighter than the other blues in this collection, Cascade is optimistic and playful. Soft sand tones as accents allow this special blue to shine. Cascade is another wonderful choice for those who aren’t quite sure what color would look best; it won’t let you down! A perfect color to wear for the camera.


I hope this post wil inspire and help you choosing the right outfit for your photo shoot.





Newborn Photography Clapham London – Baby Edward

Newborn photography is getting always more popular.

All the parents seem to love the little cute poses of sleepy naked babies cover by little piece of fabric, sleeping inside baskets or boxes or suitcases . . .

But babies are just adorable regardless where they are “propped” and sometimes a lifestyle session is just as precious.

I went to photograph little Edward in his home in Hampstead, London, when he was 12 days old. Mom told me they didn’t want any posed image or fancy props but simple portraits of them in their living room. A bright window gave us some nice backdrop and I love the light!

Here below some images




Friday Review – Barry the Fish with Fingers and the scary Monster

This blog mainly exists to feature my photography sessions, to give you some inspirations ( at least I hope so . . . ) and to pass some tips and tricks to photograph your children. However I do want to talk more about children in general, activities they can do, different aspects of childhood and start making it more personal.

So from now on I decided to dedicate Fridays to review children’s “products”. I actually got this idea today after spending an entire afternoon reading hundreds of times a new book we got from the library. If you follow me you know I have a little girl, Amy, of 2 years and a half, right? Well she just LOVE this book! I read it so many times now that I really like it myself and I can recommend it to any child in the pre-school kind of age.

“Barry the Fish with Fingers and the Hairy Scary Monster” by Sue Hendra.


You can see from the cover the book has bright solid colours that immediately catch your eyes. And that’s probably the main reason I picked it up from the library in the first place. Barry is an unusual fish, he has a full set of fingers! That already made my little one laugh! 🙂

The story is quite nice: Barry and his friends are playing hide and seek in the ocean. Puffy finds a super cool hiding place but he finds a hairy scary monster in it! Barry comes to the rescue and with his fishy fingers he gives the monster a haircut. That was not a scary monster, it was a friendly seahorse! They all played together and had great fun on a pirate party!

bookIbookIIThe illustrations are great, very well done and the colours are wisely chosen.

While the fish play hide and seek there is some counting, up to 10, so it is a great way to learn some numbers for those who don’t know them but also fun time for those who can recognize them and can read with you.

I really liked the use of onomatopoeia, and the sounds in the book. After a couple of times Amy was able to point at the words and say Boo, Peepo, Snip, Clip.

bookIIIIbookIIIIt surely is a great book, passing the message that we don’t have to be scared of the “different” but actually we can be different and have a lots of fun together!!

bookVThis was our first Barry the Fish with Finger book but I know there is a collection of 3 books!

I am sure Amy would like to explore those as well 🙂

I think I will be back soon with some more Barry adventures.

Please let me know if you liked it, so I will do some more. Any other advise is always welcome.

Happy Friaday!!


amyPS. All the photos have been taken with my Iphone5


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