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Smile! It’s Friday!!


Yeah it’s Friday! Bring on the weekend!

What’s your plan for this end of the week? Anything exciting you are looking forward to it? I think I will have a family day at the park with a backup plan to an art museum if the weather won’t be friendly with us.

Are you smiling? Do you know what’s the power of a smile?












This morning I had a little inconvenience with some works at my studio and I was a bit crossed. Then I went out for some commissions and some random guy on the street looked at me with a big smile and said “Hello!”

I gave a smile and a greeting back and kept walking.

First I though, Mmmmh maybe he’s a bit out of his mind and say hi to everyone. Then I thought longer and actually he was simply a friendly person trying to make other people smiling. He changed my day, honestly and if he inspired me to write a post about it he really did change it, don’t you think?

This is probably the first time in 7 years I’ve been living in London that some stranger said hi just like that. In my little home town, but I believe in many Italian places too, greeting people is just as common as drinking tea here in the UK! You greet on the street, when you enter a lift, when you take a bus and so on . . . And when you say hi with your heart you will wear a smile as well. And your smile can be a free gift to anyone! 🙂

Unfortunately here everyone is a bit scared to have eye contact, everyone is rushing and interacts just with the phones. It’s very sad but true so you won’t see many smiles around, at least not addressed to you!

I met a rare bird in London this morning, he made my day and I want to return the favour and put a smile on your face too with these cutie birds! 🙂

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


smile smile2smile3


Newborn Photography Clapham, south London – Samuel

This little baby boy was 15 day old when I saw him. He was a very alert baby and didn’t sleep much during his newborn session but that was a great chance to get both sleepy images and images while he was awake and curiously looking around.

Usually at this very early stage babies cannot focus yet and the eyes might look a bit “weird” but little Samuel was absolutely adorable and also had a cheeky look already!

Look at him . . .


newbornphotography newbornphotographylondon

If you are pregnant or just had a baby and are interesting in newborn photography don’t hesitate to get in touch. If your baby is not a “newborn” anymore and he’s getting ‘older” but you still want to have some great images, we can surely arrange a session as soon as you can. Baby photography is great fun and a 3 month session for example is a good opportunity to record baby little features as well as the relationship with mum & dad.



5 Easy Photo Ideas to Try with your Kids!!

I am following an online live class on Creative Live about building a successful creative blog. It will be on for the next 2 days so if you are interested you should definitely check it out here. April Bowles is pretty awesome and will give you some great tips and ideas!

I know that has nothing to do with the title of this post, but it’s actually because of this workshop that I am writing it. 🙂

I was just going through some of the blog posts I wrote in the past and I noticed that a year ago I started a kind of thread on photo ideas to try with your children, sharing some of mine, sharing some tips and what to capture. Wow!! A year ago!! And that was the only one I wrote. That’s embarrassing . . .

So here I am, picking up the post and sharing some more ideas that hopefully you can find useful.

I am sure you all have a smart phone with super cameras and great photo apps that add filters and make everything beautiful. So you are set up to go! I don’t want you to be obsessed like me and take a photo of everything you do/see/eat/drink/make/feel . . . but at least use it with your children!

If you are stuck with ideas check out the previous post and have a look at the list below.



Let me know your thoughts and ideas and if you have some questions or you want me to write about a particular thing just let me know.

I just want to share some photos of my daughter Amy before leaving you.  I have 2 photos from the previous list, having lunch (eating with hands) and colouring: she actually has lots of fun “wearing” the colour lids, you can surely see it 🙂  The other one is listed above and it’s taken inside a library. Amy was staring at this huge column full of Thomas and Friends books (that she adores) with wonder and veneration. A little bit like if mummy was standing in front of a huge Nutella shelf! 😉

They were simply snapped with my phone, easy peasy!

Have fun

Valentina xx





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