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Francesco – Baby Photography Battersea, London

I always suggest to photograph newborns within the first 2 weeks of life because you can get the best out of them. They are still sleepy and squashy and adorable to work with.

However if you miss those early days there no need to panic!  It’s never too late to have some beautiful memories of your little baby.

Look at Francesco here. He was just over a month when we capture those images and he was super happy to give us some smiles and lots of joy!

And with those cheerful images I wish you a great weekend.


francesco francesco-2


Valentine’s Day – Love is All Around You

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

For over a month I’ve seen red hearts, cute teddy bears, chocolate boxes, cards all over the high street shops . . . all ready for the day dedicated to the lovers. But Love should be everyday! Not just now.

In Italy today is my name day. I know it sounds a bit crazy but for us it’s a kind of a tradition and nearly every day is associated to a given name, mostly a name of a Saint. So on Feb 14th  I call or write to all my Valentino or Valentina friends to give them my wishes and friends and family do the same with me! You know like a sort of birthday 🙂 I am actually quite proud of my name day and think the celebration around it has became huge and very commercial.

If you want to know more about this celebration and its history you can read it here.

However I was surrounded by inspiration lately so I created these images with my little daughter as a personal project.

Lots of love


valentine's valentine's2 valentine's3


Baby Thomas – “Winter Olympics” Newborn Photography Clapham London

A few months ago I capture this maternity session in a very intimate and homely environment.

Dad is a former ice hockey player of a Serie A Italian team. He still plays now for an inline hockey team. Mum is a very supportive fan and a creative and crafty person so the idea to create a little hockey player was easily done.

Since we are in the Winter Olympics atmosphere I thought it was the perfect time to share some images.

Hope you enjoy them


newborn newborn


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