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“Beach Party” – Children Photographer London

Since I’ve been living in Madrid I had the pleasure of enjoying Friday’s sing-a-long classes created and run by AmyJo.

I will recommend this class to everyone with a child under 5. The classes are very FUN and children can learn a lot of words and songs as well as rhythm, co-ordination and dancing!! AmyJo is not an ordinary teacher, she plays harder than the children, she sings loud, she jumps higher than a monkey and swim around like a duck, she marches like a duke and shakes most of all!! ūüôā

Every child should grow up with music in the soul!!! Check out her website to find out where she is go! Great time is guaranteed!!

We organised a party together on Easter and everyone loved it so we just had another one just before I’m heading back to London. We did “Beach Party” in Retiro park. We all had good time. There was plenty of music, a kite competition, more music, a puppet show and a little photo booth . . . it then ends with a picnic!

I just want to share a couple of photos here


To finish just a quick video with the highlights of the day!!  Music ©AmyJo Doherty


[wpvideo G22M2cR0]


City Urban Session – Family Photography Clapham London

I love capturing families!

What I love the most about it is the interaction between each individual and the real personality that comes out. There is so much going on during this type of session: playtime, hugging, laughing, relaxing, walking, jumping . . . I always recommend to have fun, be themselves and forget that I’m there.

The session was planned to be within the city streets, showing off the variety of colorful graffiti in every wall in Madrid. Mummy picked the first location that was special because her friend drew the big detailed head on the black wall. The rest was found on the way . . . The fun part mum and little boy were wearing mustache to look like daddy!!!

If you are thinking about a session this summer give me a shout and we can plan your experience too!



Family Session – What to wear

Summer is coming soon and it’s a great time to think about family portrait session on your favourite location.

I often get asked questions about the type of clothing during a session. I know it can be quite stressful and we all already struggle to get the family out of the door all clean and prepare to go! Especially with kids you have so many unexpected accident . . . so I thought to share some “what to wear” ideas to try making this part a little bit easier.

Make sure you wear clothes that flatters you, nothing too big that will make you larger nor too small that will make you look award. If you feel good in an outfit, you probably look wonderful so make sure you are comfortable. That’s just as a general rule!

Choose one colour with different shades or pick a colour palette of 2-3 colours you like or you feel right for the session you want to have. At the moment Green seems to be quite fashionable  and  a lot of designer are using it as a trend for spring/summer 2013.

Have a look at some ideas here

whattowearwhattowear2If you feel bright colours are not your style you can always go for more classic look with pastels and neutral tones.

whattowear3Just a few more general tips for a good result of the portrait.

Please try to avoid getting sunburn short before the session, those tan lines are definitely not attractive in portraits. They are hard to remove in Photoshop and required a lot of work.

It’s good to wear some jewelery but keep it simple, the attention is on you and not on the accessories.

Have fun!



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