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Rain rain go away! Toddler activity indoors

Today I read this article about colouring toddler and it gave me inspiration to write about it.

My 19 month old girl is definitely in this phase of colouring love and we have already tons of books and loose papers all around the house! It’s spring and everyone should be out running, jumping, playing in the sun but with this crazy weather all Europe is living another autumn so children needs to find something to keep them entertained indoors!

Try with all these fun ideas!!

Download free colouring-in pages

When it comes to art for kids supplies, stocking up on colouring books can get expensive – especially if your little one loves to draw. There are plenty of good resources online – all free to download and print out.

Use tracing paper to help him copy pictures

Arts and crafts for toddlers needn’t involve pricey materials; not only is tracing paper handy in the kitchen, but it’s a fun way for your child to learn how to trace from pictures in books. Start off by choosing bold, clear drawings of things he knows – try dogs and cats for starters. Securing the tracing paper to the picture with strips of tape will prevent frustrating slipping.

Paint around each other’s hands and feet

Offering your child your hands and feet to draw round will be fun for both of you – if he’s ticklish he’ll love you doing it back to him. Seeing how much his hands and feet grow over time makes these pictures great keepsakes, too.

Make a nature box

Pick up things you find on a walk, like feathers, leaves or flowers. Bring them home and glue them onto the outside of a small box to make a collage (an egg box would also work well). Washable glue that’s designed for toddlers is the safest option here.

Design a bird’s nest

Cut up old wrapping paper, newspaper or tissue paper into thin shreds (or collect long grass, leaves and feathers on your next walk). Show your toddler how to glue it onto the bottom half of a paper plate to make the nest. Then cut out silhouettes for a bird and some eggs using card, and let him glue them on so it looks like the bird’s sitting in the nest.

Have fun!!




Maternity Photography London – In the nature


Some pregnancies might be difficult, other are quite easy and women don’t even realize to be pregnant if it wasn’t for that big belly! Whatever the case will be, I think it’s a pretty great time on your life and an amazing experience every woman should experience at least once in her life.

Having a portrait of that time and your huge belly is the best memory you can have.

I did this session a while ago but then I never had the chance to blog about it. The new-mom was on her 38th week and she was still in great shape!

Happy weekend.


Maternity photography London


Photo Ideas to Try with your Kids!!

Last week I wrote a post about taking photos of your children while they are playing and doing their everyday activities.  The idea is to document what they like to do, how they spend time, their favourite games, books and so on . . . so you will remember all those happy moments once they will be grown. If you  can print them out and make yourself a scrapbook or a photo album then you’re a Superstar!!!

This week as I promised I want to share some photo ideas very easy to achieve, you don’t need much time or much effort, just take your camera and capture one of this moment. It can be done at home, in the office, in a park, at friends’ place, in a bar, anywhere you can have a camera with you and of course your little monkeys!! You only need some collaboration: mum or dad need to take the photos and then you can swap. You could try with the self-timer but you will lose the candid photo and everyone feels like posing but you don’t want that!! You want to play and be natural!

I will try them myself, like a personal project and share some with you in the future. If you want you can email me some of your shots too 🙂 I love knowing more about my readers! Also feel free to post some other ideas, even crazy funny stuff to do with children so you can help me to build the next “ideas” list.

Have fun


Photo Ideas


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