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7 Months of Joy

I just loved the faces this little guy did during this session!! He didn’t want to lay on his back playing with his cute feet but he was rolling around like a ball! I think he will crawl very soon.

This age is quite fun, they are chubby, they respond well to the interactions and they can sit. What an achievement! That’s the biggest milestone to document at this age! Enjoy it




On the Beach

Last week we went to Valencia for a weekend family trip. By chance we were there during the Fallas, a traditional celebration to commemorate St Joseph and there were thousands of people around, so much noise, street parade all day, fireworks even at 2pm!! So music and party all day long which was good but for a first time visitor maybe not ideal!

The best part for us was probably taking advantage of the relatively quiet of the beach. It was still winter but the sun was warming up the sand and there was just a little breeze. With pastel colours and a dim light it was perfect to snap few images of my little one playing with the sand.

She had so much fun!! Can’t wait to take her back to a beach again!

beach beach2


Children Photography Battersea, London

This was a quick session with a beautiful girl of 2 years and a half.

I cut out some paper butterflies the day before and stick them on a string to create a sort of imaginary world to play in.

She had lots of fun running around, pretending to fly, catching the butterflies, reading a magical book . . . I think it’s important for children having fun during a photo session, especially when they are so young and they probably do not want to be there!

It was such a simple setting that worked really well! I’m already thinking about another simple theme like this one.

Stay tuned


butterfly session


Family Photography in Wandsworth Common, Clapham

I love photographing families.

Going around parks, streets, would love to go on a beach . . . and just capture who they are in that moment. I am not a big fun of posed photography: look at the camera and smile, say cheese, don’t move . . . especially with kids! They need to be kids and move around, be silly, play, sing and be themselves.

I went to Wandsworth Common with Alexia, Mark and the lovely Benji to document an ordinary morning walking around. Benji was probably teething and a bit upset but I think they all had good time and they have beautiful images to treasure!

family family2 family3 family4


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