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Arrivano le Mini Sessioni di Natale Limited Edition!!

Tra un mesetto torno in Italia per le vacanze e ho pensato di organizare delle mini sessioni di mezz’oretta per fotografare i vostri angioletti giusto in tempo per Natale!

Preparero’ un piccolo set con sfondo chiaro e luccicoso degli oggetti natalizi. Portate i vestiti piu’ “festosi” che avete e buon divertimento! Alla fine del sevizio ogni bimbo peschera’ un piccolo regalino ed sara’ libero di andare a casa!

I tre scatti piu’ belli vi saranno spediti per email entro il giorno dopo cosi’ potete stampare tutte le copie che volete e fare tanti piccoli regalini!!

Se siete interessati mandatemi un’email

Vale xx


Baby London Photographer – It’s Fruity Leaves Time!

Yesterday was a perfect Autumn day! Probably the last one in London. Blue sky, no sign of clouds, warmish just a little bit windy.

People generally like autumn time, its beautiful warm colours, the pumpkins . . . well from a photographic point of view it’s a perfect time to go out and snap some fun time among the leaves!

I didn’t miss the opportunity to take Amy out to the park and here are some of the shots.



My nephew rocks!

Look at him!

He is so cute… how can anyone resist to these big sweet eyes and these golden wavy hair. This is my first adorable nephew and he’s lucky enough to live in Italy, I mean far away from my camera most of the time of the year! I never miss a chance to snap him whenever I can and he’s not the happiest 😉

Then once we start we have fun all the times! He starts playing and doing the silly boy or the model boy and I shoot, shoot, shoot!

These were actually taken a while ago but I bumped into them only today while a was sorting out some files and I couldn’t resist to share. What a great start of the day! I hope you enjoy them too!


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